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Good Morning Blues
Tuesday  6am - 8am
Ridin' The Blues Train
Hosted By Black Jack

My primary objective for the Tuesday edition of Good Morning Blues I is to cover the spectrum and evolution of the various blues music styles that sprang from the bellies of those wooden ships crossing the Atlantic – from traditional acoustic Delta blues to obscure contemporary artists. I hope the blues I expose you to will get you excited and emotionally involved with the music – whether it’s with the metaphorical lyrical content, literal social commentary or the spiritual aspect only the blues can convey so well.

I also focus the spotlight on the wealth of talented blues musicians residing in the Atlanta area, Georgia and the Southeast. AJ (my co-host and wife) and I frequently broadcast live performances and interviews with our local, regional and national blues artists.

We also make a concerted effort to keep you informed about local, regional and national blues related events. From time to time, I’ll prepare special programs designed to educate as well as entertain. For example, we’ve produced shows that have traced the origin of the blues and the genre’s musical instruments to specific geographic regions of Africa. I also featured a six-part series analyzing different Hendrix renditions of “Red House” with local guest guitarists providing their technical insights and hands-on demonstrations. Many of the interviews we conduct with guest artists will touch on the topics of discrimination, along with social and political issues – in addition to the creative aspects of the blues.

Carlos Handy, the grandson of W.C. Handy, was a guest on February 22, 2005. He shared some wonderful, in-depth perspectives about the man known worldwide as the Father of the Blues and played some of the best recordings of Handy's music by Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole and Bessie Smith. We also played rare recordings of W.C. discussing his take on the blues music he first notated and published, including a couple of brief instrumental riffs and vocals he performed "off the cuff."

Carlos promised to stop by periodically in the future with special vignettes about his legendary grandfather.

For playlists, comments or questions, please send e-mail to Blackjackblues@aol.com.

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