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Peach State Festival
Thursday  8pm - 10pm
"The Sagebrush Boogie Radio Programme of The Air"
Hosted By Dave Chamberlain

"Sagebrush Boogie" is hosted by the less-than-hirsute Dave Chamberlain, and is the Thursday night installation of the WRFG "Peachstate Festival". "Sagebrush Boogie" has aired since 1984, thowin' down a mix of Western Swing, Rockabilly, Classic Country music, Hawaiian music and even the dreaded YODEL! Enclosed, you'll find playlists from recent "Sagebrush.." broadcasts, updated as the mood hits - accurate, but perhaps not timely....
So join us from 8 PM to 10 PM as we blow the dust off some cheesy vinyl and slide on down the rhythm trail!
~And of course, be a good friend and neighbor and call us at the Bunkhouse Of The Air: (404)523-8989....and follow "Sagebrush.." on FACEBOOK, too!

"Sagebrush.." callers are unique... I hear about their musical tastes, but just as frequently, I hear about their last meal or their beverage of choice. Which makes me think that perhaps the show is an aid to fine dining or proper digestion, or perhaps its just a great soundtrack for opening beer bottles.
In any event, here are the tunes that were popped open on the evening of April 17, 2014.

The Time Jumpers - Texoma Bound
Ray King - Curves And In Between
Sonoramic Commando - The Humbler
Buddy Emmons - Take Me Out To The Ballgame
Billy Jack Wills - Roped And Tied
Bonnie Owens - If You Really Want Me To I'll Go
Ernest Tubb - Do What You Do, Do Well
Matt Rae - Happy Ending
The Lucky Stars - Rye Whiskey Baby
Marti Brom - This Is Love Not Liquor
Les Paul - Lover
Glenn Douglas - Used Up Love
Hawaii Calls - Hawaiian War Chant
Red Sovine - I'm Only 17
Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant - This Ain't The Blues
Raieta Helm - Punahou
Tom Morrell & His Timewarp Tophands - Mutton Swing
Merle Travis - John Henry
Tony booth - Lonesome 77-203
The Lucky Stars - The Way You Walk
Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan - Playin' Dominoes And Shootin' Dice
Marco DiMaggio - Take a Tiger By The Tail
King Bennie Nawahi - Hawaiian Capers
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys - We Tried To Tell You
Thumbs Carllile - Just Blues
West Coast Ramblers - Rosetta
Chris Sprague & His 18 Wheelers - Truck Stop A Go Go
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - Right Or Wrong
Joe Venuti & George Barnes - I'm Coming Virginia
The Time Jumpers - Faint Of Heart
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

April 10, 2014. 33 songs, including 6 by Ernest Tubb and his mighty band The Texas Troubadours.
Ernest Tubb, or "E.T." was a Country performer that never let trends bother him - he had a style that never changed in 40 years! That's integrity!

Jimmy Herring - Curfew
Wylie & The Wild West - When The Cactus Is In Bloom
The Swingbillies - Hindustan
Joe Venuti & George Barnes - Almost Like Being In Love
Billy Jack Wills & His Western Swing Band
Wade Ray - Excuse Me
Jon Rauhouse - Perry Mason Theme
Tommy Collins - I Guess I'm Crazy
Carl Sonny Leyland - Lazy River
Johnny Burnette & The Rock And Roll Trio - Tear It Up
Link Wray - Rumble
Tom Morrell & Leon Rausch - Sick, Sober And Sorry
49th State Hawaiians - Haole Hula
Sons Of The Pioneers - Cimarron
Noel Boggs - Steelin' Home
Hank Snow - On The Beach At Waikiki
Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys- Tennessee Saturday Night
Billy Gray & His Western Okies - Farther On Down The Road
Marco DiMaggio - Neck On Fire
Bear & The Essentials - It's Just About Time
The Country Gentlemen - Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Ernest Tubb - Just A Drink Away
Ernest Tubb - Thanks A lot
Ernest Tubb - Wine Me Up
Ernest Tubb - Waltz Across Texas
Ernest Tubb - Walking The Floor Over You
Ernest Tubb's Texas Troubadours - Ridgetop Stomp
Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Boys - Murphy's law
Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys - Roly Poly
Dex Romweber Duo - One Sided Love Affair
Marti Brom - Kiss The Baby Tonight
Marty Stuart & The Fabulous Superlatives - Tear The Woodpile Down
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

April 3, 2014. We resumed business as usual after the Spring Marathon with 28 songs: 22 vocals and 6 scorching instrumentals.... a full setlist of tunes carefully chosen from the Old Rumpled Record Bag.
PLUS~ We gave a musical tip of the hat to a steel guitar monster, the great Tommy Morrell.

Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant - Railroadin'
Miss Leslie & Her Juke Jointers - Cry Cry Cry
Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys - Honey Honey Bee Ball
Western Swing Authority - Honeysuckle Rose
Marti Brom & The Cornell Hurd Band- Kiss Me Big
The Texas Troubadours - Big Beaver
Raieta Helm - Moonlight And Shadows
Dale Watson - Dreamland
Merrill Moore - Rock Island Line
Bucky Pizzarelli w/ Becky Kilgore - You're From Texas
Rex Allen - L-O-N-E-S-O-M-E Letter Blues
Carolyn Martin - When You're Smilin'
The Carlisles - Pickin' Peas Down The Long Pea Row
Bear & The Essentials - Baby Bye Bye
Red Sovine - The Guilty One
Chris Scruggs - Steelin' The Blues
Bob Wills - Miss Molly
Merle Haggard - I'll Leave The Bottle On The Bar
Junior Brown - Joe The Singing Janitor
The Unknown Yodelist - Yodelin' Mad
Wille Nelson & Ray Price - Lost Highway
Tom Morrell & His Timewarp Timehands - Lupus #1
Tom Morrell & His Timewarp Timehands - I Don't Know Enough About You
Tom Morrell & His Timewarp Timehands - Tater Pie
The Country Gentlemen - Dust Devils
Chet Atkins - Things We Said Today
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys - Blackberry Wine
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

March 27, 2014. Yodel-Rama - The only spot in the universe where the lowly yodelist is praised and tolerated for two long hours.
The sound of the yodel can draw looks of hostility but our audience has gradually developed a taste for it, somewhat like Rocky Mountain Oysters or Durian.
Our final week of the RFG Marathon proved that yodeling is apparently still viable as the donations were....spectacular!?!
We also spoke by phone with Country Music Star Suzy Bogguss about her long career, her newest album and were able to cajole her into an on-air yodel! A 'Sagebrush' first!!

Wanda Jackson - Betcha My Heart I Love You
Yodeling Slim Clark - Yodel Train
Kacey Musgraves - If I Could Only Learn To Yodel
Grandpa Jones - Lullaby Yodel
Don Walser - Rolling Stone From Texas
Jimmie Rodgers - Blue Yodel #8
Bill Snow - Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy
Suzy Bogguss - Night Riders Lament
Riders In The Sky - Here Comes The Santa Fe
Marge & Debbie Rhoades - The First Whippoorwill Song
Janet McBride - Daddy's Yodel
Wylie & The Wild West - Yodeling Fool
Johnny Dilks - Yodel Till I Turn Blue
Carolina Cotton - I Love To Yodel
Carolina Cotton - Mockingbird Yodel
Betty Cody - I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
Ramona Reed - If I Could Only Learn to Yodel
Roy Rogers - Hawaiian Cowboy
Elton Britt - Give Me A Pinto Pal
Kenny Roberts - The Yodel Polka
Elton Britt - That's How the Yodel Was Born
Kenny Roberts w/ Elton Britt - The Alpine Milkman Yodel
Kenny Roberts w/ Elton Britt - Cannonball Yodel
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

On March 20, 2014 our special programming during Week Two of the 'RFG Marathon showcased two favorite musical styles. First, we were pummeled by our favorite guitar pickers for an hour of hot instrumental sounds. Second, we swayed to the torrid, tropical rhythms of Hawaiian music for the final hour. Aloha!

Chet Atkins - Caravan
Jeremy Wakefield - Taking Off
Nashville Swing Band w/ Buddy Spicher - Back Home In Indiana
The Texas Troubadours - Buddie's Boogie
Carl Kress & Eddie Lang - Pickin' My Way
Deke Di*kerson & The Ecco-Fonics - Jumpin' Bean
Kayton Roberts - Kayton's Junkyard
The Texas Troubadours - Ridgetop Stomp
Johnny Hiland - Gatton To It
Doug Jernigan - Long Black Limousine
The Rovers - Brownie
The West Coast Ramblers - Hillcrest
The Texas Troubadours - Tuxedo Junction
Buddy Emmons - Shiny Stockings
Matt Munisteri & Whit Smith - Deep Henderson
Joe Venuti & George Barnes - I Want To Be Happy
Sam Makia & His Waikikans - Hukilau
Ken Emerson & Michaelle Edwards - Maile Swing
Freddie & Ernie Tavares - The Surfers Song
Bob Brozman & Ledward Kaapana - Maika'i No Kaua'i
Raieta Helm - Moonlight And Shadows
Kahana Lake Trio - Kailua
Jerry Byrd Trio - Waimeia
King Benny Nawahi - Honolulu Bound
Ken Emerson - Hilo March
Yumi Ishikawa & The Sweet Hollywaiians - In A Little Hula Heaven
Ken Emerson & Michaelle Edwards - Hawaiian War Chant
Sol Hoopii - Hula Girl
Raieta Helm - Kalana Ke Kahiwi O Haleakala
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

A WRFG Marathon brings the grave responsibility to generate massive pledges and make money markets tremble. To do so, we must play tunes that stimulate a sense of vague connectedness, and our talk must be persuasive, friendly and guilt-inducing.
Fortunately, on March 13, 2014, our playlist of stellar female performers brought the phone lines to life and the first week of the Spring Marathon was deemed a triumph...

Elana James - Exactly Like You
Quebe Sisters - Navajo Trail
kd lang - Lock, Stock & Teardops
Josie Kreuzer - You're Not Doin' Me Right
Ann Savoy - If Dreams Come true
Wanda Jackson - Singing The Blues
Kay Adams - Husband Stealer
Bucky Pizzarelli w/ Becky Kilgore - Hard Life Blues
Rose Maddox - Foggy River
Marti Brom - 8 Weeks In A Barroom
Cindi Cashdollar w/ Herb Remington - Midnight In Old Amarillo
Connie Smith - Darling, Are You Ever Coming Home
Les Paul & Mary Ford - Mr. Sandman
Minnie Pearl - The Giddy-Up Go Answer
Charline Arthur - Flash Your Diamonds
Catherine Russell - The Late Late Show
Mandy Barnett - Trademark
Bonaventure Quartet w/ Amy Pike - Paper Moon
Jeff Beck w/ Imelda May - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
Les Paul w/ Mary Ford - Honolulu Rock-A-Rolla
Chris O'Connell - Everything I've Got Belongs To You
Dottie West - City Lights
Patsy Cline - Walking After Midnight
Patsy Cline - Why Can't He Be You
Patsy Cline - Anytime
Kay Adams - Big Mack
The Whipoorwills w/ Sweet Georgia Brown - Someone's In The Kitchen With Dinah
The Whipoorwills w/ Sweet Georgia Brown - I've Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

The 30 tunes that hit the airwaves on March 6, 2014 fulfilled the "Sagebrush Code Of Excellence": they swung, did not induce catatonia, and had some semblance of a hell raisin' guitar part. And there you have it.....

Jerry Byrd - How D'Ya Do
Sons Of The San Joaquin - Texas Plains
Robert Shafer - I Want A Lavender Cadillac
Billy Contreras - My Window Faces The South
Becky Kilgore & B.E.D. - Deep Water
Hot Club Of Cowtown - Ida Red
Johnny Bush - Please Talk To My Heart
Hank Snow - Wabash Blues
Zeb Turner - Chattanooga Boogie
Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys - Don't Flirt With Me
Dale Watson - My Baby Makes Me Gravy
Kayton Roberts - Coconut Grove
Dave Stuckey & The Rhythm Gang - You Better Wake Up Babe
Johnny & Jone Mosby - Loose Talk
Patsy Cline - Stop Look & Listen
Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant - This Ain't The Blues
Darrell McCall - When Your House Is Not A Home
Sweet Hollywaiians - 12th Street Rag
Moon Mullican - I Ain't No Beatle (But I Want To Hold Your Hand)
Bill Hatcher - A Way To Survive
The Royal Polynesians - Minoi Monoi
Bonebrake Syncopators - Hula Blues
Bill Haley & The Comets - Rock The Joint
Link Wray - Fat Back
Red Sovine - Old Rivers
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - There's Gonna Be A Party For The Old Folks
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - Fat Boy Rag
Thumbs Carllile - Caravan
The Reinsmen - Down The Trail To San Antone
Jorma Kaukonen - Blue Railroad Train
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

February 27, 2013. The Radio Bunkhouse was brightened considerably as a layer of fresh paint was slapped on by several expert enamel daubers. The paint fumes also brightened our mood considerably.

Kayton Roberts - Kayton's Junkyard
Marti Brom - A-11
Bill Lincoln & Jerry Byrd - Kaipolani
Bill Lincoln & Jerry Byrd - Na Ka Pueo
George Barnes - Frisky
Sons Of The Pioneers - Leanin' On The Ole Top Rail
Tex Williams & His Western Caravan - Texas In My Soul
The Block Brothers (Larry & Bobby Black) - The Black Bros. In Guitar Heaven
Billy Mure - Tiger Guitars
Wade Ray - Letters Have No Arms
Sol Hoopii - Hula Girl
Mere Haggard - Brain Cloudy Blues
Noel Boggs - Steel Guitar Rag
Roy Rogers - Dust
Little Jimmy Di*kens - Side Meat & Cabbage
Jimmy Dawson - Big Black Bug Boogie
The Country Allstars - Marie
Rob McNurlin - On The Rock And Roll
Gene Vincent - Race With The Devil
Johnny Gimble - I'll Keep On Loving You
Marco DiMaggio - Neck On Fire
Marco DiMaggio - Mr. Sandman
Marco DiMaggio - King Creole
Marco DiMaggio - Hey Porter
Jethro Burns - Just Friends
Lorne Greene - End Of Track
Johnny Bond - Sick, Sober & Sorry
Jeff Beck w/ Imelda May - Sittin' On Top Of The World
Eddie Lang & Carl Kress - Pickin' My Way
Whit Smith's Hot Jazz Caravan - Birth Of The Blues
Lani McIntire - Malahini
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

On February 20, 2014, the Bunkhouse floor sagged under the weight of drums, accordion , baritone saxophone, guitars and six musicians who call themselves The Hobohemians. They hail from Athens, Georgia and their music is that happy blend of 1920's snap and 2014 despair. Here are the tunes that got played in-between:

Bonebrake Syncopators - Dinah
Hardrock Gunter - Honky Tonk Gal
King Benny Nawahi - Ticklin' The Strings
The Reinsmen -Ridin' Home
Miss Leslie & Her Juke Jointers - I Want To Hear It From You
Merle Haggard - Stay All Night
The Hobohemians - H-A Huckle
Eddie Lang & Carl Kress - Pickin' My Way
Charline Arthur - Heartbreak Avenue
Jimmy Dean - Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette
Bob Boatright - Lady Be Good
Hawaiian Islanders - Hilo
Anita Carter - Ring Of Fire
Chris Sprague & His 18 Wheelers- Semi Sweet
Merle Travis & Joe Maphis - Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
Johnny Dilks - Yodel Till I Turn Blue
Ray Price- Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Kayton Roberts - Steelin' The Blues
Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner - Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark
Bob Wills - Baby Won't You Please Come Home
Marti Brom - Seven Lonely Nights
Jeff Beck w/ Darrel Higham - Cruisin'
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

Here are the tunes that were played on February 13, 2014. They were carefully culled from the 41.3 pounds of scuffed vinyl and spiderwebbed CDs that were dragged to the Bunkhouse by the stooped and balding host.

B.D. Griffin - Sweet Georgia Brown
Chris Scruggs & The Air Castle Allstars - If You've Got The Money I've Got The Time
Lani McIntire - Hawaiian March
Kayton Roberts - A Fool Such As I
Whit Smith's Hot Jazz Caravan - I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket
Jack Bradshaw - Naughty Girls
Bill Anderson - The First Mrs. Jones
Jim Stringer - Sugarfootin'
Sol Hoopii - In Ma-La-Ka-Mo-Ka-Lu
Kane's Hawaiians - Hilo
Sidney Jo Lewis - Boppin' To Grandfather's Clock
The Texas Troubadours - Another Bridge to Burn
Josie Kreuzer - Long Dark Nights
Time Jumpers - Along The Navajo Trail
Spade Cooley - It's Dark Outside
Jim Campilongo - One Mean Eye
Sons Of The Pioneers - Over The Santa Fe Trail
Rob McNurlin - Friend Of The Family
George Barnes & Bucky Pizzarelli - Blue Skies
Lei Momi Sweethearts w/ John K. Almeida - Lovely Hula Hands
Wade Ray - Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
Polly Hutt - Why Buy The Cow
The Reinsmen - Texas Plains
Tom Grey - Night Time
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - Nobody's Sweetheart Now
Andy Iona's Novelty Four - Keko
Eddie Hill - The Hot Guitar
George Barnes & Bucky Pizzarelli - Guitar Boogie Shuffle, Twist
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

The night was cold and sky was dark, but inside the steam heated Bunkhouse Of The Air, the mood was upbeat on February 6, 2014. The hoped-for musical guests all caught colds, or stage fright, or something, so we plowed thru 2 hours of cheezy recordings in exactly 2 hours.

Kayton Roberts- Coconut Grove
Bear & The Essentials - For Bein' In Love
Kayton Roberts - Mood Indigo
Hank Thompson - Take Me Back To Tulsa
Whit Smith & Matt Munisteri - Hell Among The Hedgehogs
Boots Faye & Idaho Call - Grinnin' Like A Possum
Cliffie Stone - Jump Rope Boogie
Gene Vincent - Woman Love
Bucky Pizzarelli & Aaron Weinstein - Stage Fright
Sol Hoopii -Ten Tiny Toes One Baby Nose
Hi Lo Playboys - (Won't You Ride) In My Little Red Wagon
Homer & Jethro - Baby It's Cold Outside
Randy Beavers - Body And Soul
Rob McNurlin w/ Kayton Roberts - On The Rock And roll
Hukilau Hot Shots - Aloha, My Darling To You
Chris Scruggs & The Air Castle Allstars - Oklahoma Stomp
Chris Scruggs & The Air Castle Allstars - Tennessee Saturday Night
Link Wray - Roughshod
Jackie Lee Cochran - They Oughta Call You Miss Heartache
Sid Hudson - 12 Midnight
Sweet Hollywaiians - Dreaming Of You
Kayton Roberts w/ Rob McNurlin - Blow Whistle Blow
Chris Sprague & His 18 Wheelers - Let's Get Drunk And Truck
Chris Sprague & His 18 Wheelers - Freddie Goes For a Ride
Jon Rauhouse - Perry Mason Theme
Whit Smith's Hot Jazz Caravan - I'm An Old Cowhand
Hot Club Of Cowtown - Cherokee Shuffle
Joey Miskulin & Friends- Happy Trails

They say that old age brings wisdom, patience and mastery. In the case of 80 year old musician Kayton Roberts, it has brought that, plus the childish glee of sitting behind his 1951 Fender non-pedal steel guitar and playing hot licks plus dog bark sounds, bullfrog croaks, cows moo-mooing, kittens meowing, baby cries, etc., etc.
Kayton called the Bunkhouse from Nashville, Tennessee and during our interview recounted his 31 year gig with Hank Snow, his steel influences and his tunings. He's quite a dude!
Really, Kayton Roberts is proof that the keys to a long life are good Country Music, a wacky sense of humor and steel guitars.... definitely something for all of us to keep in mind.

Kayton Roberts - Chime In
Kayton Roberts w/ Rob McNurlin - Blow Whistle Blow
Kayton Roberts - Steelin' The Blues
Hank Snow w/ Kayton Roberts - Hula Love
Kayton Roberts - Opryland Swing
Kayton Roberts - Kayton's Rag
Kayton Roberts w/ Chris Scruggs - Long Gone Daddy
Hot Club Of Cowtown - Time Changes Everything
Les Paul & Mary Ford - Take A Warning
Kenny Vaughan - Stay Outta My mind
Bonebrake Syncopators - Topsy
Homer & Jethro - On A Slow Boat To China
Duke levine - Nashville Skyline Blues
NRBQ w/ Skeeter Davis - Ain't Nice to Talk Like That
Crazy Joe - My Guitar
Crazy Joe - I Like My Chicken Fryin' Size
John Pi'Ilani Watkins & His Heavenly Hawaiians - Noho Paipi
Jerry Byrd - Panhandle Rag
Robert Shafer - Hillbilly Fever
Johnny Burnette & The Rock And Roll Trio - Blues Stay Away From Me
Chris Sprague - What's Your 20?
Hoot Hester - Blue Skies
Buck Jones - A Box Of Grass
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

The Sagebrush Boogie Radio Programme Of The Air survived a phone call assault of the highest magnitude on January 16, 2014. Friends, strangers and children reached for their phones in record numbers and our switchboard operator had to be revived with very strong liquid. Here are the songs that played while the phone lines burned:

Thumbs Carllile - Curves Ahead
Jeff Bright & The Sunshine Boys - My Heart Skips A Beat
"The Unknown Yodeler" - I Miss My Swiss
Del Casher - Del's Burnin' Boogie
Del Casher - Caravan
Riders In The Sky - I'm An Old Cowhand
Bill Lincoln & Jerry Byrd - Hi'i Poi
Billy Baker - Promenade
Tony Booth - The Key's In The Mailbox
Bob Wills - I Can't Go On This Way
The Whipoorwills - Now And Then
George Barnes- Chicago Blues
George Barnes - Priority On A Moonbeam
Stan Jones - Deep Water
Chris Scruggs - Tennessee Waltz
Stan Jones- Ghost Riders In The Sky
Marty Grosz & Mike Peters - I Found a New Baby
Red Sovine - Shotgun Boogie
Carl Sonny Leyland - Lazy River
Carl Butler & Pearl - I'm Hangin'Up The Phone
Barbara Pittman - I Need A Man
Jerry Byrd - Steelin' Is His business
Marco DiMaggio - Cherokee
Spade Cooley - Blue Skies
Jon Rauhouse - Powerhouse
Rocky Bill Ford - Beer Drinking Blues
Johnny Carroll- You Said You Wouldn't Get Drunk Patricia
Skeets McDonald - Tatooed Lady
Tom Marion & The Sweet Hollywaiians - Honolulu Stomp
Chet Atkins - Red Wing
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

It used to be that our signal was a matter of luck, guesswork and tinfoil. The few folks who listened came upon the station by sheer accident or word of mouth and were welcomed when they called from up the block.
Now with the internet, it is a different kind of radio, and it is nothing to receive a pleasant call from a Bob Wills fan in Maine, a Bob Nolan fan in New Mexico or a Sol Hoopii fan in Hawaii. How cool is that?!?
Here are the tunes that got out on the evening of January 9, 2014,

Marco Di Maggio - San Antonio Rose
Eddie Cletro - Flying Saucer Boogie
Johnny Bush - The Cheatin' Line
The Sun Skippers - Domino
Johnny Allen & The Sons Of The Saddle - Rose Of San Antone
Bonaventure Quartet - Just About Knocked Me Out
Cornell Hurd - I Don't Care What Is...
Buck Owens - Truck Drivin' Man
Lloyd Green - The Bridge Washed Out
Burl Ives - The Ballad Of Davy Crockett
Jim Campilongo - Mom & Dad's Waltz
Floyd Robinson - Ghost Riders In The Sky
Bob Wills - I Can't Go On This Way
John Guster - You've Got What It Takes
Jim Martin - The Gambler's Guitar
Tennessee Ernie Ford - Chicken Road
George Barnes - Tin Whistle Blues
Roy Rogers & Dale Evans - Song Wagon
Marty Stuart - Soul's Chapel
Bill Lincoln & Jerry Byrd - Hale I'wa Maid
Rhythm & Booze - Thinkin' 'Bout You
Hot Club Of Cowtown - Deed I Do
Willie Nelson - Columbus Stockade Blues
Susan Riley - Sugar Moon
Duane Eddy - Peter Gunn
Chris Sprague & His 18 Wheelers - Let's Get Drunk & Truck
Bud Messner & The Skyliners - Father Put The Cow Away
Merle Travis - Alimony Bound
Riders In The Sky - Clarinet Polka
Country Gentlemen - Dust Devils
Chris Scruggs - Fireball mail
Marco DiMaggio - Ta Dah!
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

The only real way to get the year kicked into focus is to invite a gaggle of gypsy-styled musicians into the overheated Radio Bunkhouse,open up the microphones and let the sparks fly.
The band in question is the mighty Bonaventure Quartet, and this visit proved conclusively that they are instrumental masters, entertaining and enlightening all at once. The happy night was January 2, 2014.

Phil Baugh - The Finger
Bonaventure Quartet - World's Greatest Lover
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys - This ain't A Good Time
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys - Honey Stick Around Awhile
Jerry Byrd - Hilo March
George Barnes & Joe Venuti - I'm Coming Virginia
Bonaventure Quartet - The Clermont Lounge
Bonaventure Quartet - Risque
Rex Allen & Don Edwards - It's My Lazy Day
Marti Brom - That Crazy Beat
Joel Paterson - Twin Guitar Shuffle
Jerry Reed - When I Found You
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

The year 2013 was like many others: the too-heavy rumpled record bag overflowing with scuffed vinyl, the callers who aren't sure of what they're listening to, the musical guests who play fabulous music in the humble Bunkhouse Of The Air, the list goes on and on...
Here's our list of hot tunes from our last show of 2013.

Marco Di Maggio - Ta Dah
Moon Mullican - I'll Sail My Ship Alone
Horton Bros. - I Had One Too Many
Ray Price - Don't Touch Me
Noel Boggs - Cherokee
Bear & the Essentials - Livin' Doll
Frankie Miller - Truck Drivin' Buddy
Joe Clay - Get On The Right Foot
Jim Malloy & the Range Riders - Deep In The Heart of Texas
Gypsy Hombres - Sleigh Ride
Sol Hoopii - I Like you
Werner Muller Orchestra - My Little Grass Shack
Merle Haggard/Willie Nelson/ Ray Price - Pick me Up On Your Way Down
Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West - Caffeine Patrol
Bob Wills - When You Leave Amarillo
Junior Brown - Highway Patrol
Junior Brown - Sugarfoot Rag
Ray Price - Night Life
Marco Dimaggio - Lover
Phil Baugh - One Man Band
Di*k Robinson - The Boppin' Martian
Joel Paterson - Callin' The Cat
Becky Kilgore & B.E.D. - Lazy River
Ray Price - The Healing Hands Of Time
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys - Jumpin' From 6 To 6
Raieta Helm - Punahou
Hot Club Of Cowtown - Sleep
Buddy Merrill - Busy Bee
Marti Brom - Don't Stop
Ray Price - Walk Me To The Door
Stan Jones - Snooze In The Quiet Air
Joe Venuti & George Barnes - Lady Be Good

Our show on December 19, 2013 was all about contrast.
On the one hand, the happy (or morose) Christmas season is worth celebrating in true Country music style, and yet conversely, we wanted to celebrate the great and lasting contributions of Mr. Ray Price, who ascended to Honky Tonk Heaven this week.
So, like life itself, we took the happy with the sad at the Bunkhouse Of The Air and came out with a good show....

Marco Di Maggio - Pink Thunderbird
Bob Wills - When It's Christmas On The Range
Robert Wagoner - Grand Canyon
Buck Owens - It's Not What You Give
Ray Price - Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now
Ernest Tubb - I'll Be Walking The Floor This Christmas
Dale Watson - Santa & My Semi
Hukilau Hotshots - Come To The Islands
Wille Nelson & Ray Price - Night Life
Gypsy Hombres - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Ray Price - Rose Colored Glasses
Asleep At The Wheel - Swingin' Drummer Boy
Asleep At The Wheel - Swingin' Silent Night
Ray Price - For The Good Times
Travelin' Light / Vignola & Pilafian - Jingle Bells
Chet Atkins - Deck The Halls
Ray Price w/ Vince Gill - Heartaches By The Number
Bob Wills - Santa's On His Way
Sherwin Linton - Santa Got A DWI
Marco DiMaggio - Mr. Sandman
Buck Owens -All I Want For Christmas Is You
Ray Price - I'm Not Crazy Yet
The Emersons - Honolulu Stomp
Commander Cody - Daddy's Drinkin' Up Our Christmas
Ray Price - Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Tuck Andress - Jingle Bells
Joel Paterson - Speedin' North
Ray Price - I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)
Genoa Keawe & Her Hula Maids - Mele Kalikimaka
Buddy Emmons - The Christmas Song
Bonebrake Syncopators - Topsy
Ray Price - Signs Off
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

December 12, 2013: Our live musical guests in the Bunkhouse were the formidable Kris Youmans and her honky-damn-tonk band. Sad songs were sung, steel guitars slid around, and all was good.
Here are the songs we played after the amps were put away:

Buddy Emmons - Sleigh Ride
Pee Wee King - Rootie Tootie
George Jones - Lonely Christmas Call
Gypsy Hombres - Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
Buck Owens - Blue Christmas Tree
Red River Dave - I'd Rather Fight For My Country (Than Live With My Wife)
Genoa Keawe & Her Hula Maids - Mele Kalikimaka
Frankie Laine - Mule Train
Frank Vignola & Sam Pilafian - Winter Wonderland
Bonaventure Quartet - The Clermont Lounge
Marty Robbins - Hawaii's Calling Me / Blue Sand
Joel Paterson - Blue Steel Serenade
Elana James - Oh Baby
Chris Scruggs & The Air Castle Allstars - One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart
Chet Atkins - Jingle Bell Rock
James Hand - Shadows Where the Magic Was
Glenn Ohrlin - Flophouse Blues
Chris O'Connell - It Will Come
Hank thompson - Let's Get Drunk And Be Somebody
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

December around the Bunkhouse Of The Air means many things, but mostly just making sure to stock enough cheezy Christmas tunes to satisfy the dozen or so addled listeners who want to get into a holidazed zombie trance of some kind. This all went down on December 5, 2013.

Bonebrake Syncopators - Seven Come Eleven
Chris O'Connell - It'll Come To You
Ray Price - There's No Fool Like A Young Fool
Fly Rite Boys - Flyin' Rite
Mabel Kekino & The K Sisters - Puamana
Buz Butler - A Year Of City Living
Kris Dale - Monster Plantation
Frankie Laine - Wagon Wheels
Dale Watson - Santa Bring Her Home
Redd Volkaert - You're Still On My Mind
Rudy Wairata - Na Li'i
Chris Sprague & His 18 Wheelers - Freddie Goes For A Ride
Peter Ecklund & the Howard Fishman Quartet - Sleigh Ride
Riders In the Sky- Yodel Blues
Deke - Eefin' Rock
Johnny Horton - When It's Springtime in Alaska
Hot Club Of Cowtown - She's Killin' Me
Kay Adams - Big Mac
Chet Atkins - The First Noel
Yumi Ishikawa & the Sweet Hollywaiians - In A Little Hula Heaven
Bucky Pizzarelli & Becky Kilgore - Along The Navajo Trail
Gypsy Hombres - Django Bells
Bill Chambers & Audrey Auld - Looking Back To See
Dave Dudley's Roadrunners - Two Six Packs Away
Pee Wee King - Catty Town
Jackie Lee Cochran - Hungry Hill
Tuck Andress - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Lorne Green - Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Joey Miskulin & Friends- Happy Trails

We sometimes need an expert around the Bunkhouse to enlighten us on the important factoids and miˇnuˇtiˇae of the artists we adore.
And so, on November 21, 2013, Charles Williams was summoned to educate the masses about the gypsy guitar god, Monsieur Jean-Baptiste 'Django' Reinhardt. Charles has carved out a formidable reputation as the authority of the clanky gypsy guitar and its alarming devotees. Our conversation explored the life and times of Django and his quicksilver disciples for a speedy but wonderful two hours...

Oscar Aleman - Moulin Rouge
Oscar Aleman - Nada Mas Que
Oscar Aleman - Oscarinadas
Django Reinhardt - Dinah
Django Reinhardt - Day Is Done
Django Reinhardt - Montmartre
Django Reinhardt - My Melancholy Baby
Django Reinhardt - I'll See You In My Dreams
Django Reinhardt - Ven Drati #13
Django Reinhardt - Rhythm Future
Django Reinhardt - Moten swing
Django Reinhardt - Sweet Sue
Django Reinhardt - Coquette
Django Reinhardt - Ride Red Ride
Django Reinhardt - Porto Cabello
Django Reinhardt - Blues For Ike
Django Reinhardt - Nuages
Gonzalo Bergaro & Adrien Moignard - Song D'Automne
Bonaventure Quartet - Clermont Lounge

An unexplored realm of Country music is the small and vital body of "Recitation" recordings. Recitation records are just that, a spoken account, set to music and often (VERY often) encompassing themes of murder, insanity, phantom visitations and the occasional bridge disaster. So, with the help of rare vinyl collector Greg Germani,on November 14, 2013 we brought the tragic (but to be honest, hilarious) words of country to the airwaves.
Recite after me...

Dolly Parton - Daddy Come Get Me
Porter Wagoner - Green Green Grass Of Home
Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton - Jeannie's Afraid Of the Dark
Buddy Starcher - History Repeats Itself
Di*k Miles - The Runt
George Jones - Flowers For Mama
Rob McNurlin w/ Kayton Roberts - Friend Of the Family
Jim Lewis - Silver Bridge History
Wendy Smith & The Windy Mountain Boys - Carter Stanley
Sheriff Don Page - He Died On Rt. 64 (The Ballad Of Buford Pusser)
The Fabulous Jack Fargo - Little Rosa
Dottie West w/ Dale West - Mommy Can I Still Call Him Daddy?
Ferlin Huskey - The Drunken Driver
Luke the Drifter - Be Careful Of Stones You Throw
Chris Sprague & The 18 Wheelers - Freddie Goes For A Ride
Red Sovine - Phantom 309
Marvin Ray - We Miss You Red Sovine
Porter Wagoner - Skid Row Joe
Vern "Red" Speeks - The Red White & Blue
Red Sovine - The Greatest Grand Ole Opry
Dori Helms - Ruby's Answer
Bill Anderson - The First Mrs. Jones

The Vaudevillains, a guitar duo comprised of Kris Anderson & Cody Jung made a triumphant return to the Bunkhouse on November 7, 2013. Toting two archtop guitars, two electrical amps and plenty of plectrability, the two made the ghost of Chet Atkins stop at our window and peep inside.....

Jimmy Herring - Red Wing Special
Hot Club Of Cowtown - Navajo Trail
Hot Club Of Cowtown - Faded Love
Yumi Ishakawa & The Sweet Hollywaiians - Maile Swing
Deke - What's That Cookin'
Chet Atkins - Scarecrow
Carolyn Martin - Crazy Cuz I Love You
Merle Haggard - Moanin' The Blues
Jeremy Wakefield - Delaware Drive
Charline Arthur - How Many Would There Be?
Hukilau Hotshots - Aloha My Darling To You
Charline Arthur - Welcome To The Club
Frankie Laine - Bowie Knife
George Barnes - Fascinating Rhythm
George Barnes -Cheerful Little Earful
Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed - Jerry's Breakdown
Joey Miskulin & Friends- Happy Trails

October 31, 2013..Halloween....... Here is our terrifying set list from the Sagebrush Hillbilly Boogie Man Spook House of The Air...

Tom Morrell - Steelin' Home
Kenny Vaughan - Stay Outta My Dreams
Speedy West - On The Beach At Waikiki
Billy Jack Wills - 4 Beers And 40 Tears
Billy Mure - Apache
Bill Kirchen - Swing Fever
Dave Stuckey - They Did The Boogie
Lorne Green - Nine Pound Hammer
Joel Paterson - Mable's Rock
Rod Morris - Cold Cold Cornbread
Gene Vincent & The Bluecaps - Hold me, Hug Me, Rock me
Rod Erickson - She Taught Me To Yodel
Chris Scruggs & The Air Castle All Stars - Walkin' The Dog
Jerry Byrd - Steelin' The Blues
Bonebrake Syncopators - Hula Blues
Miller Brothers Band - Patty Cake Man
Jeff Beck w/ Darrell Higham - Train Kept A' rollin'
Dale Watson - I Lie When I Drink
Bill Haley & The Comets - Crazy Man Crazy
Deke - Muleskinner Blues
Matt Munisteri - Revolving Jones
Stan Jones - Sedona, Arizona
Chris O'Connell - Everything I Have Belongs To You
Les Paul - Lover
Danny Gatton, Buddy Emmons & The Redneck Jazz Explosion - Rock Candy
Bones Maki & the Sundodgers - Out Of The Past
Frankie Laine - City Boy
Sol Hoopii - 12th Street Rag

In accordance with our worshipful attitude toward noted plectrists, on October 24, 2013, we spoke in reverent tones with Mr. Bill Kirchen, rabble-rouser and vaunted Telecaster abuser.
After that breathless interlude, we proceeded with the finale of the RFG Fall Marathon - the often imitated two hour spectacle of glottal spasms called "YODEL-RAMA". The yodel is the most divisive musical technique known to man; somewhat akin to the debut of Stravinsky's "Rite Of Spring". You either sort of like it or you harbor unprintable thoughts about it.
Here then, is the best we dared to air...

Janet McBride - Yodeling At The Grand Ol' Opry
Janet McBride - Yodeling tribute
Wylie & The Wild West - Yodeling Fool
Marge & Debbie Rhoads - The First Whipoorwill Song
Ralph Emery - Yodeling Jim
Don Walser - Texas Tophand
Grandpa Jones - Tritzem Yodel
Betty Lou Lobb - Chime Bells
Wilf Carter - Streamlined Yodel Song
Don Edwards - Texas Plains
Eddy Arnold - Cattle Call
Dean & Evelyn McKinney - Will There Be Any Yodeling In Heaven
Riders In The Sky - Ridin' The Winds Of The West
Tyrone Wells - Tyrone Yodels
Kasey Musgraves - Texas Yodeler
Elton Britt & Rosalie Allen - The Yodel Blues
Jean Shepard - Second Fiddle To An Old Guitar
Elton Britt - Chime Bells
Kenny Roberts - Arizona Yodeler
Bill Snow The Yodeling Ranger - She Taught Me How To Yodel
Elton Britt & Kenny Roberts - Cannonball Yodel
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

Here we are already... the second week of the WRFG Fall Marathon. Time really does fly when you're making money!
All kidding aside, on October 17, 2013 we indulged ourselves and played two hours of incendiary instrumental vinyl.... The hot licks burned the Bunkhouse of the Air to a smoldering heap of charred eighth notes!

Bobby Hicks - Panhandle Rag
Chet Atkins & Les Paul - Avalon
Merle Travis - Guitar Rag
DeWitt "Scotty" Scott - Tennessee Polka / Beer Barrel Polka
Billy Byrd - Gibson Girl
Thumbs Carllile - Bill Bailey
Lenny Breau & Buddy Emmons - Scrapple From The Apple
Merle Haggard's Strangers - Blue Rock
Lloyd Green - Mr. Nashville Sound
Kayton Roberts - Mood Indigo
Herby Wallace - Four Wheel Drive
Roy Clark - Blues Stay Away From Me
Chet Atkins - I Know That You Know
Bill Anerson's Po' Boys - Corn Crib
Jimmie Rivers & The Cherokees - Tippin' In
Jimmie Rivers & The Cherokees - After You've Gone
Jimmie Rivers & The Cherokees - Swedish Pastry
Les Paul - How High The Moon
Speedy West - Hawaiian War Chant
Merle Travis & Joe Maphis - Columbus Stockade Blues
Thumbs Carllile - Springfield Guitar Social
Jerry Byrd - Surprise Waltz
Jerry Byrd- Reminiscing
Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West - Stratosphere Boogie
Chet Atkins - Ain't Misbehavin'
Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk
Buddy Emmons - At E's
Buddy Emmons - Blue Jade
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

We plunged into the first week of the WRFG Fall Marathon without a special feature (yodeling, cheatin' songs, killin' songs, romantic Hawaiian ballads) for our devoted clot of followers and so we blindly reached into the Ol' Record Bag for anything that seemed to fit.. Here's what got played the evening of October 10, 2013.

Tom Morrell w/ Bob White & Pee Wee Whitewing - New Texas Panhandle Rag
Tom Morrell w/Jerry Byrd - Blues Guaranteed
Ray Price - I Wish I Could Fall In Love today
Ray Price - Lonely Street
Phil Baugh - Panhandle Boss
Marty Robbins - Sweet Leilani
The Carlisles - Unpucker
Moon Mullican - Seven Nights To Rock
Elvis Presley - Baby Let's Play House
Elvis Presley - Mystery Train
Patsy Cline - Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey
Patsy cline - She's Got You
Jon Sholle - Catfish For Supper
Roy Drusky - Peel Me A Nanner
The Royal Polynesians - Minoi Minoi
The Hukilau Hotshots - Come To The Islands
Jim Campilongo - Twister
Hardrock Gunter - Honky Tonk Baby
Charlie Walker - You Don't Need No Other daddy But Me
The Hot Club Of Cowtown - Dark Eyes
Buck Owens - I Don't care
Buck Owens - Dang Me
Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant - Jammin' With Jimmy
Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant - Two Of A Kind
Jeff Beck w/ Imelda May - Bye Bye Blues
Jeff Beck w/ Trombone Shorty - Peter Gunn
Bobby Flores - I Didn't Realize
Bobby Flores - Darkness On The Face Of The Earth
Jimmie Rivers & The Cherokees - Slow Boat To China
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

October 3, 2013. Our fascination with the the guitar is no secret, and so we were delighted to speak by phone to Jim Campilongo, a trailblazing picker of the highest order. Jim has become famous for blistering statements from his Fender Telecaster. Our lengthy conversation covered many topics: New York life, string gauges, the composition process, guitar lust and the agony of Roy Buchanan.
We also spun these tunes:

Jim Campilongo - Pat & Patsy
Jim Campilongo - Sergio Vs. The Moth
Jim Campilongo - This Old Man
Jim Campilongo - Twangin'
Jim Campilongo - C*ck And Bull Story
Jim Campilongo - The Past Is Looking Brighter And Brighter
Jimmie Rivers & The Chreokees - Back Bay Shuffle
John England & The Western Swingers - Cindy
Homer & Jethro - Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyeballs
Marty Robbins - Down Where The Tradewinds Blow
Buddy Emmons - Take Me Out To The Ballgame
The Paladins - Then I Found You
The Paladins - Hot-Rod Rockin'
Jeff Beck w/ Brian Setzer - Twenty Flight Rock
The Royal Polynesians - Cafe Al Lait
Elvis Presley - Good Rockin' Tonight
Ray Price - Walk Me To The Door
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

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