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Peach State Festival
Thursday  8pm - 10pm
"The Sagebrush Boogie Radio Programme of The Air"
Hosted By Dave Chamberlain

"Sagebrush Boogie" is hosted by the less-than-hirsute Dave Chamberlain, and is the Thursday night installation of the WRFG "Peachstate Festival". "Sagebrush Boogie" has aired since 1984, thowin' down a mix of Western Swing, Rockabilly, Classic Country music, Hawaiian music and even the dreaded YODEL! Enclosed, you'll find playlists from recent "Sagebrush.." broadcasts, updated as the mood hits - accurate, but perhaps not timely....
So join us from 8 PM to 10 PM as we blow the dust off some cheesy vinyl and slide on down the rhythm trail!
~And of course, be a good friend and neighbor and call us at the Bunkhouse Of The Air: (404)523-8989....and follow "Sagebrush.." on FACEBOOK, too!

October 20, 2016. In all, it was an excellent night at the Radio Bunkhouse Of The Air - 2 hours, 32 songs, and lots of phone calls.

Matt Munisteri - Bryant's Bounce
Johnny Edson - A Man's Gotta Eat
Bob Wills - Sittin' On Top Of The World
Marty Grosz - Sposin'
Merle Haggard - Time Changes Everything
George Kainapau - Mauna Kea
Dorothy Shay - I've Been To Hollywood
Hardrock Gunter - The Blue Guitar
High Noon - Rock Too Slow
Jimmie Davis - Walkin' My Blues Away
The Paladins - Long Way To Town
Thumbs Carllile - Springfield Guitar Social
Johnny Gimble - Limehouse Blues
Webb Pierce - Back Street Affair
The Bellfuries - Hey, Mr. Locomotive
Leon McAuliffe - Sweet Georgia Brown
Robert Wagoner - Sunrise On The Prarie
Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge - Someone To Watch Over Me
Noel Boggs - Liza
Deke Dickerson & His Eccofonics w/ Carl Sonny Leyland - I Think You Gotta Pay For That
Gene O'Quin - No Parking Here
Link Wray - Ain't That Lovin' You Babe
Aaron Till - My Sugar Is So Refined
Ray Price - You Don't Care What Happens To Me
Eddie Hill - Whittlin' On A Piece Of Wood
Mitch Miller & The Sandpipers - Tales Of Wells Fargo
Jerry Byrd - Limehouse Blues
Sammy Masters - Real Rock Drive
Rory Hoffman - Powder Keg Polka
Luke Wills & His Rhythmbusters- Shut Up And Drink Your Beer
Danny Gatton & The Redneck Jazz Explosion - Raisin' The Dickens
Joey Miskulin & Friends- Happy Trails

October 13, 2016. The totally obsolete 78 rpm disc has a fragile beauty; it can shatter like your grandma's china and yet carries often beautiful sounds from another world... Such was the case with the music during tonight's "78 rpm only" show. The crackle and hiss of ancient shellac was as prominent as the music itself, and yet the rarity of these never-made-it-to-vinyl songs overwhelmed any audio objections...

Curly Allen - Curly's Boogie
Lefty Frizell - I've Been Way Too Long
Louie Innis - Suicide
Roy Rogers - Come And Get It
Tex Williams & His Western Caravan - Tambouritza Boogie
Cliff Carlisle - Seven Years With The Wrong Woman
Ernie Lee - Ukulele Baby
George Barnes Sextet - Blue Lou
Cliff Bruner - That's What I Like About The South
Cliffie Stone w/ Judy Hayden - He's A Real Gone Okie
Leon McAuliffe - Twin Fiddle Rag
Bob Wills - Silver Dew On The Bluegrass
George Barnes Sextet - Quiet, Two Gibsons At Work
Spade Cooley - It's Dark Outside
Gordon McRae - Mule Train
Red Foley - Tennessee Polka
Louis Prima & Foy Willing And The Riders Of The Purple Sage - Vout Cowboy
Corky Carpenter & The Texas Playboys - Midnight
Pale K. Lua & David Kaili - Happy Heine March
Martha Carson w/ Merle Travis - Singin' On The Other Side
Moon Mullican - Moon's Tune
Cecil Campbell & His Tennesseeans - Put Some Meat On Them Bones
Tex Williams & His Western Caravan - I Got Texas In My Soul
Ernie Lee - I've Got My Heart On A Budget
Sol Hoopii's Novelty Five - To You Sweetheart Aloha
The Willis Brothers - Who Pptt Tobacco
Speedy West - Hub Cap Roll
The York Brothers - Motor City Boogie
Dorothy Shay - Feudin' And Fightin'
Louie Innis - Boogie Woogie Baby
Ernie Lee - I'm In A Kissin' Mood
Johnny Bond - X-15
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

October 6, 2016. Here are the 31 tunes that scampered down the runway to the Radio Launchpad Of The Air...

Richard Smith - The Chet Shuffle
The Western Flyers - No Moon At All
Asleep At The Wheel - Roly Poly
Buddy Emmons - Canadian Sunset
Bernadette Seacrest & Kris Dale - Pretty Bottles
The Cactus Blossoms - Change Your Ways Or Die
Sonny George - Big Iron
Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys - Honey Honey Bee Ball
Don Edwards - Chant Of The Wanderer
Tom Morrell & His Timewarp Tophands - Let's Ride With Bob
Tom Morrell & His Timewarp Tophands - You Don't Care What Happens To Me
Buck Owens & His Buckaroos - If You Aint' Lovin'
Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys - San Antonio Rose
Al Allen - Caravan
Link Wray - I Sez Baby
Willie Nelson - I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)
Jimmy Bryant - Stratosphere Boogie
Tommy Collins - Shindig In The Barn
Aaron Till - That's What
Merle Travis - Full Moon Over The Motel
Mike Kindred - Bankable Boogie
Riders In The Sky - Texas Sand
Leokane Pryor - Kaimu
Jim Campilongo w/ Norah Jones - Sweet Dreams
Jerry Byrd - Saki Punch / Sand Waltz
Craig Chambers- The Cowboy Serenade
Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys - You're From Texas
Joe Venuti & George Barnes - Lover
The Dave & Deke Combo - Go Ahead on
Sean Mencher - America the Beautiful
Rory Hoffman - I Didn't Realize
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

The Ol' Record Bag was bulging with musical goodies on September 29, 2016. Here is what got played during the two hour Bunkhouse soiree....

Buddy Spicher & Calvin Vollrath - Air Mail Special
High Noon - Too Much Trouble
The Dave & Deke Combo - You Ain't As Dumb As You Look
The Gypsy Hombres - Smokin' Joe
Dale Watson & His Lone Stars - Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Billy Burnette - Tear It Up
Jerry Byrd - Haole Hula
Tom Morrell & His Timewarp Tophands - Mean Woman With The Green Eyes
Mike Dowling - Quiet Whiskey
Rory Hoffman - Ballad For James Bond
Leon Rausch - Houston Means I'm One Day Closer To You
The Carlisles - I'm Wearing The Britches
The Starline Rhythm Boys - Where The Rio De Rosa Flows
Bill Haley & The Comets - Pat A Cake
Bobby Wayne - Bobby's Boogie #1
Bob Wills - Roly Poly
Chris Scruggs - Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy
Ernest Tubb - Wine Me Up
Buddy Spicher - I Don't Love nobody
Thumbs Carllile - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
C.W. Stoneking - On A Desert Isle
Leon McAuliffe - Tulsa Straight Ahead
Steve Jordan - It Happened In Monterey
Craig Chambers - Albuquerque
Chet Atkins - Indiana
John Keawe - My Yellow Ginger Lei
Catherine Russell - The Late Late Show
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

September 22, 2016 was the night that the Voice Of Rockabilly was heard at the Radio Bunkhouse. Sean Mencher, known as a leading voice of echo-laden electric guitar and member of the High Noon trio was our guest. Calling in from Massachusetts, Mr. Mencher explained the thrill of electric guitars and the unbridled passion of 50's rock and roll. He was one of the best guests in the long history of "Sagebrush.." guitar conversations, and probably the most enthusiastic, too!

Jimmy Bryant - Stratosphere Boogie
Al Dresser's Super Swing Revue - Corrine Corrina
Ernest Tubb - the Cold Hard Facts Of Life
Hign Noon - Let's Go Daddy-o
Sean Mencher - America the Beautiful
High Noon - Crazy Fever
Sean Mencher - How High The Moon
Roger Bellow & Paul Anastasio - Love Is Just Around the Corner
Lyle Ritz & Rebecca Kilgore - Surrey With the Fringe On Top
Starline Rhythm Boys - Dreama
Aaron Till - Crazy Rhythm
Aaron Till - The Staying Kind
Riders in the Sky - Here Comes the Santa Fe
Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys - Ida Red Loves The Boogie
Dick Mcintire - Mulliwai Hula
Chris Scruggs - Crash And Burn
Matt Munisteri - Lazy Bones
Bernadette Seacrest & Kris Dale - Tip Toe Thru the Tulips
Al Bruno - Panhandle Rag
Rory Hoffman - I Didn't Realize
Sons Of Tennessee - Timber Trail
Starline Rhythm Boys - I Need A Good Girl Bad
The Western Flyers - You're from Texas
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

September 15, 2016. Berne Poliakoff (voice), Gwen Hughes (voice), Matt Kaminski (accordion) and L.A. Tuten (acoustic bass & voice), collectively known as "Back In The Saddle" were our guests at the Thursday night Bunkhouse bash. Their vocal harmonies were sparkling and the accordion solos were pungently jazzy. If you've ever wondered what happened to great 'Western' music, listen closely to these cowpokes, and you'll find out!
In addition, these tunes jumped out of the Ol' Rumpled Record Bag...

Time Jumpers - Enchantment to The View
Sons Of The San Joaquin - Cowboy Jubilee
Sons Of The San Joaquin - Song Of The Bandit
Robert Wagoner - Navajo Trail
Buck Reams - Paper Moon
Kenny Vaughan - Hot Like That
Kenny Vaughan - Lily Mae
Back In The Saddle - Rawhide
Sons Of The Pioneers - Song Of The Wanderer
Rory Hoffman - Half As Much
Dave Stuckey & The Rhythm Gang - Dinah
Lyle Ritz & Rebecca Kilgore - I Love A Ukulele
Chris Scruggs - Scruggs Style
Hot Club Of Cowtown - Exactly Like You
Sons Of The Pioneers - The Wonders Of God's Green Earth
Herb Steiner - Perdido
Marty Stuart & The Fabulous Superlatives - Long Walk Home
Norman Blake & Friends - Sweet Georgia Brown
Tom Hobson - Cow Cow Boogie
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

No musicians crossed the threshold on September 8, 2016, so many records were spun. A sizeable list of those recordings follows:

The Western Flyers - I'll See You In My Dreams
Rob McNurlin - Blow Whistle Blow
High Noon - It's The Beat
Les Paul - Guitar Boogie
Asleep At The Wheel w/ Leon Rausch - It's A Good Day
Bud Hobbs & His Trail Herders - Pickup Truck
Riders In The Sky - Jingle Jangle Jingle
Marty Grosz & Mike Peters - Minuet In Miniature
Lorne Greene - Ghost Riders In The Sky
Gabby Pahinui - Blue Hawaiian Moonlight
Andy Cummings - Maui Girl
Rory Hoffman - I'm An Old Cowhand
Hot Club Of Cowtown - Deed I Do
Amber Digby & Justin Trevino - Right Combination
Ray Campi - Pinball Millionaire
Billy Mure - Sleepwalk
Crazy Joe - I Like My Chicken Fryin' Size
Charlie Thompson - Ain't Never Gonna Get Married Again
Back In The Saddle - I'm An Old Cowhand
Jim & Bob The Genial Hawaiians - Song Of The Range
Red Foley - Tennessee Hillbilly Ghost
Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps - You Told A Fib
Kenny Vaughan - Mysterium
Smith's Ranch Boys - Leave Me Like You Found Me
George Barnes - Kilroy Is Here
Riders In The Sky - Wa Hoo!
The New Hawaiian Band - The Hukilau Song
Rory Hoffman - I Didn't Realize
Sol Hoopii - It's Hard to Say Goodbye
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

September 1, 2016. Our musician guests at the Bunkhouse were stellar in abilities, looks and attitude. They were: Bernadette Seacrest singing, Marlon Patton stroking a snare drum, and Kris Dale, thumbing metallically on six string bass and making sci-fi soundtrack sounds with his trusty Theremin. It was a delectable blend of late night textures and lyrics, and Sagebrush Boogie never felt as chic...
In between, these tunes were spun...

Kris Dale - Munster Plantation
Lorne Greene - Saga Of The Ponderosa
Sweet Hollywaiians - Ten Tiny Toes
Kris Dale - Bathysphere
Matt Munisteri & Whit Smith - Singin' The Blues
Mike Dowling & Pat Donahue - Drive Time
Willie Nelson & Ray Price - I Fall To Pieces
The New Hawaiian Band - The Hukilau Song
Hoot Hester - Roly Poly
Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys - Hometown Stomp
Annie B. - Blue Shadows
Richard Smith - The Watkins Man
Hoot Hester - Blues For Dixie
George Barnes - When I Take My Sugar to Tea
Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge - Any Old Time
Charlie Thompson - A Blue Million Miles
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

A great treat is watching musicians perform live and up close at the Bunkhouse Of The Air, and on August 25th,2016, four great ones came in to show off their deep chops. Led by guitarist Micah Cadwell, The Fender Benders Quartet (archtop guitar, 8 string lap steel, acoustic bass, and drums) pulled off a high octane blend of downhome twang and bop sophistication.
In addition to the burning live sounds, these fine tunes were spun...

Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys - Ida Red
Starline Rhythm Boys - On The Back Row
Western Flyers - Sweet GA Brown
Jorma Kaukonen - Blue Railroad Train
Jerry Byrd - Hilo March
Robert Wagoner - Song Of The Sierra
Charlie Thompson - We're Buggin' Out
Marco DiMaggio - Double Talkin' Baby
Noel Boggs - Little Coquette
Ray Price - Just Call Me Lonesome
Biller & Horton - Sneak-A-Roo
Biller & Horton - Deep Eddy
Ken Emerson - Maile Swing
The Texas Troubadours - Steel Guitar Rag
Matt Munisteri & Whit Smith - Along The Navajo Trail
Mike Dowling - I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music
Sol Hoopii - Sweet Lei Lehua
Glen Douglas - Used Up Love
The Wilburn Brothers - I Close My Eyes
Ernie Hagar - Steel Boogie Twist
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

August 18, 2016. Assisted by Junior Sidekick Of The Air Mr. Jody James Chamberlain, the show moved along in a safe and dependable fashion. Twangy songs were played, my foot tapped on the floor and the phone rang out with regularity.

Johnny A. - Two Wheel Horse
The Western Flyers - No Moon At All
The Heck Harper Band - Smile, Smile, Smile
Tom Hiddleston & The Saddle Spring Boys - Hey Good Lookin'
Jerry Byrd - Blues Boogie
Smith's Ranch Boys - Just Can't Make My Mind Up Blues
Willie Nelson & Ray Price - Release Me
The Modern Sounds - Atomic Cocktail
Buddy Emmons - Mansion On The Hill
The Hot Club Of Cowtown - Ida Red
Milton Brown & his musical Brownies - Garbage Man Blues
Mike Dowling - Trying To Get To Heaven
Ken Emerson & Michaelle Edwards - Maile Swing
Charlie Thompson - So Long
George Barnes - Hot Shortnin' Bread
High Noon - Rocks Me Right
Johnny Paycheck - If I'm Gonna Sink
Chris Scruggs - Wreck Of The Old 97
Country Cabin Boys - Wounded Knee Polka
Ramona Jones - Don't Sell Daddy Any More Whiskey
Marty Stuart - Old Old House
Marco DiMaggio - King Creole
Pete Drake - I'm Sorry
Rosie Flores & Ray Campi - There Ain't A Cow In Texas
The Western Flyers - The Wild Dog
Joe Goldmark - Theme From Route 66
Ray Price - Bright Lights And Blonde Haired Women
Hoyle Nix - Bob Wills Boogie
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

August 11th, 2016 seemed like a good time to get a quick fix of Gypsy Jazz with the spontaneously named, ad hoc "So-Po Playboys". This little trio of two gypsy guitars and one acoustic bass, manned by Charles Williams, Nick DiSebastian and Mark Bynum made the little studio vibrate, and the ghost of Django Reinhardt smiled and peeked in the door for a moment...
In addition to the guitar fireworks, these fine recordings were played....

The Bonaventure Quartet - My Window Faces The South
Tiny Moore & Jethro Burns - Jethro's Tune
Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Trio - It's Time
Chet Atkins - Heartaches
Playboys II - Trouble In Mind
Django Reinhardt - Swing 39
Noel Boggs - Steel Guitar Rag
Noel Boggs - Steelin' Home
Sol Hoopii - Patches
Jeff Beck & The Big Town Playboys - Blues Stay Away From Me
Pete Drake - Gone
Justin Trevino - Loud Music And Strong Wine
Quebe Sisters - Every Which A Way
The Paladins - Goin' To The City
Roger Bellow & Paul Anastasio - No More Nothing
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Trio - One Sided Love
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

August 4, 2016. When I want to hear from a fantastic guitar player, I always scurry around and get Whit Smith on the phone. Setting his Gibson L-5 aside for a moment, he called in from his Western headquarters in Tulsa, OK. for a high level guitar briefing.
With his great band The Hot Club Of Cowtown, Whit has happily kept the whole notion of "hot" guitar virtuosity alive in a sad world of underachieving and un-swinging music. Plus, he's a nimble and funny conversationalist!
In addition to our hour of chatter, these fine tunes got played....

The Hot Club Of Cowtown - Cherokee Shuffle
The Hot Club Of Cowtown - Pray for The Lights To Go Out
The Hot Club Of Cowtown - Fuli Tschai (Foolish Girl)
The Hot Club Of Cowtown - I Had Someone else
The Hot Club Of Cowtown - Sleep
The Hot Club Of Cowtown - When I Lost You
The Hot Club Of Cowtown - Way Down Yonder In The Cornfield
Matt Munisteri & Whit Smith - Hell Among The Hedgehogs
Whit Smith - Baby Steps
Whit Smith - Pet Names
Mitch Humphrys - Your Sweet Embrace
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Trio - Love Me To Cinders
Wayne Hancock - Smell That Bread
Sol Hoopii - I Like You
George Barnes - Ain't She Sweet
The Quebe Sisters - Every Which A Way
The Red Stick Ramblers - Evenin'
Roy Lanham - Sophisticated Swing
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

July 28th, 2016. Aided by several tiny, trusty 45 rpm discs, the show chugged along in the properly approved twangy fashion....

Noel Boggs - Caravan
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Trio - Goodnight Rock
Kay Adams - Husband Stealer
Joan Herndon - City Lights
Al Terry - No Shrimp Today
High Noon - Railroad Crossing
Johnny Bond - X-15
Al Allen - Egg Head
Lee Bonds - Wild Cattin' Woman
Kenny Vaughan - Stay Outta My Dreams
Rusty Locke & His Western Swing Band - Blue Suede Shoes
Riders In The Sky - Cherokee
Tom Glazer - Let's Go To The Rodeo
Hot Club Of Cowtown - You Took Advantage Of Me
George Barnes - Hot Shortnin' Bread
Tom Hobson - Cow Cow Boogie
Liz Masterson - When You're Blue Just Yodel
Marty Grosz & His Hot Combination- I'd Rather Be With You
Bob Sandy - I'll Sail My Ship Alone
Roy Lanham - Kerry Dance
The Waikiki Wanderers - Step Lively
The Quebe Sisters - Green Light
Colleen Wilson - Rose City"66"
Marco DiMaggio - King Creole
Marty Stuart & The Fabulous Superlatives - Mercy #1
The Modern Sounds - South Of The Border
Sol Hoopii - Midnight's Near
Vern Stovall - Dallas
Jeff Beck & The Big Town Playboys - Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me
Whit Smith - Baby Steps
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

July 21, 2016. The finale of the 'RFG Summer marathon was dedicated to the noble men and women who courageously put their voices and reputation on the line when they....yodel.
Yes, it was the umpteenth "Sagebrush.." YODEL-RAMA show; two hours of the window-shattering, flamboyant vocalizing we have come to vaguely understand.
These are the songs that launched a thousand phone calls, some of them complimentary.

Don Winters - In The Mood
Riders In The Sky - Riding The Winds Of The West
Rex Allen - Queen Of The Rodeo
Rosalie Allen - I Want To Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart
Janet McBride- Best Dern Yodeler
Roy Rogers - Night Guard
Sandler & Young - Garmisch Parten Kirchen Town
Patsy Montana - Out On The Lonesome Prairie
Eddy Arnold - Cattle Call
KG & The Ranger - Cowboy Jubilee
Kasey Musgraves - Texas Yodeler
Grandpa Jones - You And My Old Guitar
Ken Mackenzie & Simone The Mrs. - Texas Plains
Liz Masterson & Sean Blackburn - Wide Rollin' Plains
Marge & Debby Rhoads - The First Whipoorwill song
Frank Ifeld & The Backroom Boys - The Yodeling Song
Austin Lounge Lizards - The Lonely Yodeler
Roy Rogers - Hawaiian Cowboy
Bill Snow The Yodeling Ranger - Chime Bells
Don Edwards - Texas Plains
Don Walser - Rolling Stone From Texas
Betty Lou Lobb - Chime Bells
Ramona Reed - If I Could Only Learn To Yodel
The reinsmen - Ridin' Down to Santa Fe
Elton Britt - That's How The Yodel Was Born
Elton Britt - St. James Avenue
Elton Britt - The Alpine Milkman
Johnny Dilks & His Visitacion Valley boys - Yodel Till I Turn Blue
Kristyn Harris - Yodelin' Fever
Kenny Roberts w/ Elton Britt - Cannonball Yodel
The McKinney Sisters - Will There Be Any Yodeling In Heaven?
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

July 7th, 2016 - It was the first week of the long anticipated WRFG Summer marathon and a good opportunity to showcase some deserving talent. So, to start, Ms. Liz Brasher (pronounced Bray-zher) showed up with her great voice, white Telecaster, 5 songs, and enough echo to silence a Rockabilly purist. She was aided in her twangy pursuits by Todd Kerstetter on doghouse bass and Lee Corum on lonely snare drum. The results were predictably great and the phone rang out with praise of the performers and several much needed pledges...

Link Wray - Fat Back
Gene O'Quin - Pinball Millionaire
Buddy Emmons & The Swing Shift band - Bogg's Boogie
Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Trio - Draggin' It Boogie
Ernest Tubb - Mississippi Gal
Bob Boatright - Lady Be Good
Carolyn Martin - Three Little Words
Sol Hoopii - Charleston
Leokane Pryor - Haleakala Hula
Roy Rogers - w/ The Sons Of The Pioneers - I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
Robert wagoner - My Kind Of Country
Ishmael Reinhardt - Fascinatin' Rhythm
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - It's The Bottle Talking
Red Foley - Hot Rod Race
Jeff Beck - Sleepwalk
Back In The Saddle - Ghost Riders In The Sky
Jim Owen - The Keys in The Mailbox
The Ear Regulars - Sposin'
Tennessee Ernie Ford - Chicken Road
Ken Emerson - Hawaiian War chant
Matt Munisteri - Don't Think Twice
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

The passing of our musician heroes is not to be taken lightly, and in the case of Scotty Moore, there is definitely a need to pause and reflect.
Mr. Moore brought the newly minted, irreverent sound of rock and roll guitar as Elvis Presley's six string sidekick. His sound is the template for Rockabilly as we know it- the country-esqe picking, the echo, the snarling tone; all of these things made us aware of not only Elvis, but of the electric guitar itself.
To best salute Scotty Moore, we invited Mr. Chad Proctor,rocking guitarist, to assess the landmark Elvis /Scotty recordings and to also demonstrate (with his mighty fine Gibson ES-350) the way to get that elusive Scotty Moore sound.
In addition, these fine recordings were enjoyed:

Les Paul - Feed Back
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - Liza Pull Down The Shades
Jody Nix - Sooner Or Later
Jim Campilongo - Freaky Dreiky
Playboys II - You Don't Love Me ( But I'll Always Care)
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Trio - Love Me To Pieces
Robert Shafer - Beam Me Up Scotty Moore
Elvis Presley w/ Scotty Moore - Blue Suede Shoes
Elvis Presley w/ Scotty Moore - That's All Right
Elvis Presley w/ Scotty Moore - Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Elvis Presley w/ Scotty Moore - I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
Elvis Presley w/ Scotty Moore - You're A Heartbreaker
Elvis Presley w/ Scotty Moore - I Forgot To Remember To Forget
Elvis Presley w/ Scotty Moore - My Baby Loves Me
Elvis Presley w/ Scotty Moore - Money Honey
Scotty Moore - Have Guitar Will Travel
Elvis Presley w/ Scotty Moore - Just Because
Elvis Presley w/ Scotty Moore - Good Rockin' Tonight
Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed - Limehouse Blues
Ernest Tubb - Do What You Do Do Well
Hot Club Of Cowtown - She's Killing Me

June 16th, 2016, a night when the phone cried for attention like a dog at the door or a child on a rainy day. Our callers were clamoring for the sound of yet another hot guitar solo or the trade wind glissando of a Hawaiian guitar...
In spite of it all, these 28 tunes got played:

Johnny Cox - Home In San Antone
Chris Sprague - I'm Coming Home
Spade Cooley - I Found A New baby
The Black Brothers - The Black Brothers At Guitar Haven
Eddie Noack - Relief Is Just A Swallow Away
The Moonlighters - Every Little Raindrop
Mac Curtis - How Come It?
Joe Maize & his Cordsmen - Mapuana
Billy Jack Wills - Out Of Gas
Maynard Horlick - Go Go Rip Van Winkle
Jerry Byrd - Theme For A DJ
Moon Mullican - Moon's Rock
Bobby Flores - Fast Company
Tom Hobson - Cow Cow Boogie
The Gypsy Hombres - Daphne
Ted Brooks - The Hot Guitar
The Les Paul & Mary Ford Show - June 2, 1950 edition
Johnny Horton - Lover's Rock
Guy Van Duser - The Syncopated Clock
Matt Munisteri - Little High Chairman
Ton Van Bergeyk - Notoriety Rag
Hot Club Of Cowtown - I Had Someone Else Before You
Robert Wagoner - Cowboy Serenade
Ray Price- City Lights
Buddy Emmons - If No News Is Good News
Bill Lincoln & Jerry Byrd - Akaka Falls
Dale Watson & The Lonestars - Elbow Grease, Spackle & Pine Sol
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

June 9, 2016. Let us now commence the calling of the 31 songs deemed fit enough for airplay.

Johnny Gimble - Fat Boy Rag
Deke Dickerson - Tulsa Baby
Johnny Pineapple - Na Ka Pueo
Jim Cohen - Tennessee Waltz
Merle Haggard - Runaway Mama
Reese Shipley - Castfish Boogie
Tom Hobson - Sad Sad Daddy
George Barnes - Dan's Plumb Tuckered
Starline Rhythm Boys - I'm Fed Up Drinkin' Here
Ray Price - I Want To Hear It From You
Amos Garrett - Sleepwalk
The Cigar Store Indians - This Town Ain't Cool
Bill Haley & The Comets - The Saints Rock And Roll
Ken Emerson - Endless Summer
Lorne Grenne - Devil Cat
Homer & Jethro - If Dreams Come True
Tennessee Ernie Ford - Tennessee Border
Sam Koki & The Paradise Islanders - Little Grass Shack
Little Jimmy Dickens - Country Boy
High Noon - Let's Go Daddy-O
Lloyd Green - Almost Persuaded
Rob McNurlin - Blue Guitar
Homer & Jethro - I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover
Matt Munisteri - Moonlight Mississippi
The Lucky Stars - Who's Hat Is That?
The Ear Regulars - Sposin'
Kayton Roberts - Opryland Swing
Andy Cummings - Kauai Beauty
Bud Isaacs - Coconut Grove
Mitch Miller & The Sandpipers - Lonely Rider
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

Marla Feeney and Her Marla-Tov Cocktails were our guests on June 2nd, 2016. The 8 piece orchestra played the hot music called Klezmer in the already warm confines of the Sagebrush Shtetl Of The Air. The result was muy, muy thermo!!
In addition, these tunes clamored for attention:

George Barnes - In The Gloaming
George Barnes - Strollin' Slow
Mike Dowling - Freight Train Boogie
Yumi Ishikawa & The Sweet Hollywaiians - Hawaiian Hospitality
Jim Campilongo & Honeyfingers - Jim's Guitar Boogie
Bear & The Essentials - Your Heart Won't Love
Linda De La Cruz - Hupe Kole (Ku'u Wa Li'ili'i)
Ken Emerson & michaelle Edwards - Maile Swing
Lena Machado - Holau
Wayne Hancock - Kansas City Blues
Jeff Newman, Tom Brumley, Lloyd Green, Paul Franklin - Together Again
Chris Sprague - Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves
Tennessee Ernie Ford - Smoky Mountain Boogie
The Hot Club Of Cowtown - Columbus Stockade Blues
Starline Rhythm Boys - Drunk tank
Tavares & Kaai - Hui Mawaho O Ka Waa
The Ear Regulars w/ Matt Munisteri - In The Land Of Beginning Again
Kayton Roberts w/ Chris Scruggs - Long Gone Daddy
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

May 27th, 2016 was when Mr. Marshall Ruffin dropped by to polish up his vocal cords and amaze us with his soul power. Marshall has the whole musician thing wrapped up. He writes, he plays guitar and again, his voice is a marvelous thing to behold.
In between, these 11 songs got played...

Jim Campilongo & Honeyfingers - Lola My Baby's Coming Home
The Hot Club Of Cowtown - It's My Lazy Day
Starline Rhythm Boys - Fightin' Chance
Ray Price - Bubbles In My Beer
Deke Dickerson - El Cumbanchero
Frankie Laine - Rawhide
Ken Emerson & Michaelle Edwards - Hawaiian War Chant
Liz Masterson - I'm Confessin'
Big Sandy & his Fly-Rite Boys - Honky Tonk Queen
Danny Gatton & The Redneck Jazz Explosion - Rock Candy
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

May 19, 2016. 29 songs got played, a good many in the "hot" guitar category. Sometimes it just happens that way...

Joel Paterson - Swingin' Easy
Gordon McRae - Mule Train
Whit Smith - Fretboard Jungle
Bob Wills - Roly Poly
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys - Fine Fine Superfine
Marty Stuart - I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome
Jimmy Bryant - Laughing Guitar
Ray Campi - I've Got The Craziest Feeling
Ronnie Dawson - Crazy Shoes
Chet Atkins - Sukiyaki
Cactus Blossoms - No More Crying The Blues
Mike Dowling - My Walking Stick
Hank Thompson's Brazos Valley Boys - John Henry
Bear & The Essentials - Honky Tonk Mind
The Cigar Store Indians - Tossin' & Turnin'
The Hukilau Hotshots - Come To The Islands
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - Bob Wills Special
Phil Baugh - Country Guitar
Sol Hoopii - Hapa Haole Hula Girl
Dave Stuckey & The Rhythm Gang - Did Anyone Mention My Name?
Porky Freeman - Electric Guitar Blues
Wylie & The Wild West - Yodeling Fool
Lloyd Green - Little Darlin'
The Hot Club Of Cowtown - You Took Advantage Of Me
Mitch Miller & The Sandpipers - Tales Of Wells Fargo
Ray Price - San Antonio Rose
George Barnes - Hot Guitar Rag
Matt Munisteri - Get Acquainted With Yourself
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

Our pal, the Vinylologist Greg Germani came by the Bunkhouse for a much-anticipated visit on May 12, 2016. It was great having him there for old times sake and for musical reminiscence..
Our musical theme was the great nation of Texas, and the playlist reflected the swinging, shuffling, and just plain big sound of the Lone Star State.

Buddy Emmons - Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Doug Sahm - Mendicino
Doug Sahm - Is Anybody Going To San Antone
The Quebe Sisters - You Don't care What happens to Me
The Quebe Sisters - It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
Cornell Hurd - Heaven, Hell Or Houston
Dale Watson - Drink Drink Drink
Dale Watson - Good Luck "N Good Truckin' Tonight
Ray Price - Roly Poly
Ray Price - I've Just Destroyed The World I'm Living In
Ray Price & Willie Nelson - Crazy Arms
Johnny Bush - What A Way To Live
Johnny Bush - The Warm Red Wine
Marti Brom - 4 Walls
Marti Brom - 8 Weeks In A Barroom
The Texas Troubadours - C Jam Blues
Wayne Hancock - Goin' Back To Texas
Dugg Collins - Walk Me To The Door
Don Edwards -Texas Sand
Charlie Walker - Don't Sing A Song About Texas
Ernest Tubb - Waltz Across texas
Jinior Brown - Long Walk Back to San Antone
Justin Trevino w/ Johnny Bush - One More Drink And Then I'll Go
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - Brain Cloudy Blues
Deuce Spriggins - I've Been Down In Texas
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

May 5th, 2016 was a night of words as Cowgirl Wordsmith Berne` Poliakoff, a/k/a 'Frenchie' was our guest at the Bunkhouse. Berne`is a singer / songwriter and member of "Back In The Saddle" , a shape shifting Western music ensemble and she was also a member of the well-remembered "Cowboy Envy". That makes her more than qualified to speak on the art of Western harmony, whip snapping and the subtlety of Bob Nolan's compositions...

Frankie Laine - Bowie Knife
Buck Owens & The buckaroos - Truck Drivin' Man
Gene Vincent & The Bluecaps - Jump Back Honey, Jump Back
The Sweet Hollywaiians - Ten Tiny Toes One Baby Nose
Moon Mullican - I'll Sail My Ship Alone
The Starline Rhythm Boys - Pipeliner's Blues
Joe Maize & His Cordsmen - Sand
Jimmie Widener - You Can Stay At Home
Phil Baugh w/ Vern Stovall - Good Times
Amber Digby - Take Me Back Again
Richard Smith - The Chet Shuffle
Tom Hiddleston & The Saddle Spring Boys - Honky Tonkin'
The Rhythm Future Quartet - Bushwick Stomp
Sol Hoopii - Honolulu March
Back In The Saddle - Whoopi Ti Yi Yo
Back In The Saddle - Born To Be Branded
Kenny Vaughan - Wagon Ride
Foy Willing & The Riders Of The Purple Sage w/ Louis Prima - Vout Cowboy
Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys - Steel Guitar Stomp
Charlie Thompson - Boogie Blues
Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys - Rosetta
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

Sometimes quantity equals quality. For example, on April 28, 2016, the double booking of 9 String Theory and Richard Smith was a fortune of perfect music making.
Angelina Reed and John Huston, a/k/a 9 String Theory, named their duo for the total number of strings between the Russian domra and the classical guitar. The music they produce with that number of strings is staggering in its complexity and emotion. My mouth gaped at the interplay..
Next up was the British master picker Richard Smith who is a walking fireworks shop of hot licks and tricky fingerings. He makes his nylon string guitar speak the language of Chet, Jerry and Lenny...
In addition, these few tunes were played:

Whit Smith - Dead Reckoning
Hoyle Nix & His West Texas Cowboys - Theme & Intro
Hoyle Nix & His West Texas Cowboys -It Makes No Difference Now
Hoyle Nix & His West Texas Cowboys - Bob Wills Boogie
Sol Hoopii - I Like You
Frank & Joe Show - Don't Fence Me In
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

The Yodel craze has yet to sweep the world, but we predict it will, and probably soon. And when it does, they will say for certain that it all began at the Bunkhouse of The Air on a Thursday night.
To that end, on April 21, 2016 we returned to the strange, tortured extravaganza called "Yodel-Rama" for the finale of the Spring Marathon...

Rosalie Allen - I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
Janet McBride - Daddy's Yodel
Don Edwards - Texas Plains
Bill Snow The Yodeling ranger - She Taught Me To Yodel
Don Walser - Rolling Stone From Texas
Wylie & The Wild West - Yodeling Fool
Slim Whitman - I'm Casting My Lasso To The Sky
Austin Lounge Lizards - The Lonely Yodeler
The McKinney Sisters - Will There Be Yodeling In Heaven
Wilf Carter - Echoing Hills Echo Back To Me
Wylie & The Wild West - Chime Bells
Roy Rogers - Hawaiian Cowboy
Betty Cody - I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
Betty Lou Lobb - Chime Bells
Ramona Reed - If I Could Only Learn To Yodel
Johnny Dilks & His Visitacion Valley Boys - Yodel Till I Turn Blue
Elton Britt & Rosalie Allen - Yodel Blues
Elton Britt - Cannonball Yodel
Carolina Cotton - Three Miles South Of Cash In Arkansas
Kristyn Harris - Yodelin' Fever
Don Winters The Yodeling King - Sioux City Sue
Don Winters The Yodeling King - In The Mood
Kenny Roberts - The Yodel Polka
Kenny Roberts - She Taught Me How to Yodel
Kenny Roberts - The Arizona Yodeler
Suzy Boggus - Night Rider's Lament
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

April 14, 2016. Week Two of the WRFG Spring Marathon found us way into the 1950's Southern clamor of "Rockabilly" music. And to make it all seem semi-legit, we called upon Richard 'Spike' Fullerton to provide a background on the music plus play a ton of great tunes from his collection. It was a show sprinkled with fast and twangy music and cool conversation!

Johnny Horton - Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor
George Barnes - Crazy Man Crazy
Gabbard & Holt - Hey Baby
Gene Henslee - Diggin' & Datin'
Sleep LaBeef - Baby Let's Play House
Joe Clay - Get On The Right Track
Marvin Rainwater - Hot & Cold
Marvin Rainwater - Get Off The Stool
Glen Barber - Ice Water
J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper) - Crazy Blues
Lou Millet- Shorty The Barber
Skeets McDonald - You Ought To See Grandpa Rock
Jack Earls - Slow Down
Gene Norman - Snaggle Tooth Ann
Billy Prager & His Caravans - Do It Bop
The Hi-Tombs - Sweet Rockin' Baby
Bobby Lollar - Bad Bad Boy
Jimmy & Johnny - Sweet Love On My Mind
Wayne Williams - Red Hot Mama
Hal Harris - Jitterbop Baby
Mason Dixon & The red Skins - Don't Worry 'Bout Nothin'
Mac & Jake & The Esquire Trio - Yakety Yak
Larry Thornton - Honky Tonk Queen
Sonny Burgess - We Wanna Boogie
Gene Vincent & The Bluecaps - Blue Jean Bop
Crazy Joe - Remington Rock
Ronnie Self - Ain't I'm A Dog
Hardrock Gunter - Rock-A-Bop Baby
Johnny Burnette & The Rock And Roll Trio - Train Kept A Rollin'
Orville Nash - Boogie Woogie Country Girl
Janis Martin - Bang Bang
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

The WRFG Marathon is just that, a three week competition to be the very best, to reach out and touch listeners that don't seem to mind it, to answer the phone like a friendly automaton, and to blow dust off cheezy vinyl like never before.
With that sobering responsibility looming, we brought two sure-fire musical winners to turn a casual listener into a slavering, mindless mass of generosity; that is, Western Swing and Merle Haggard.
All of this went down on Week One - April 7, 2016.

Tex Williams - I Got Texas In My Soul
Johnny Lee Wills - Blackberry Boogie
Wade Ray - It's All Your fault
Herb Remington - Remington Ride
Tommy Duncan - Blues Like Midnight
Tommy Duncan - Hang Your Head In Shame
Tommy Duncan - Dusty Skies
Tommy Duncan - Hang Your Head In Shame
Craig Chambers - Albuquerque
The Nashville Swing Band - Four Or Five times
Asleep At The Wheel w/ Leon Rausch - Rosetta
Bob Wills - Buffalo Twist
Tommy Thomsen - Steel Guitar Rag
Quebe Sisters - I Can't Go On This Way
Bob Wills - Roly Poly
Herb Steiner- Curtain Call
Merle Haggard - Sing Me Back Home
Merle Haggard - I Wish All The Old Things Were New
Merle Haggard - Blue Yodel #9
Merle Haggard - I Never Go Around Mirrors
Merle Haggard's Strangers - Stealin' Corn
Merle Haggard - Mama tried
Merle Haggard - Kirn River
Merle Haggard - Workin' Man Blues
Merle Haggard - Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
Merle Haggard - Swinging Doors
Merle Haggard - That's The Way Love Goes
Merle Haggard - Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star
Merle Haggard - Grandpa's Christmas Card
Merle Haggard - More Than My Old Guitar
Merle Haggard - Today I Started Loving You Again
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

On March 31, 2016 the Bunkhouse was quieter than usual... No guests showed up to strum guitars and warble their newest music, and so the emphasis was on recorded sounds.
And so, here are the 29 carefully selected tunes that made their way to the Hillbilly Launchpad of the Air:

Joel Paterson - Seven String Ride
Dorothy Collins w/ George Barnes - Jump Back, Baby
Tom Hiddleston - Move It On Over
The New River Road Boys - Pipeliner's Blues
The Starline Rhythm Boys - Life Begins At 4 O'clock
Asleep At The Wheel w/ Leon Rausch- Sugar Moon
Chet Atkins - Floatin' Down To Cotton Town
Kaye Adams - Second Fiddle
Merle Travis - Alimony Bound
Marty Stuart & The Fabulous Superlatives - The Lonely Kind
Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk
The Ear Regulars w/ Matt Munisteri - "Sposin'
Craig Chambers - Cowboy Serenade
Tex Williams & The Western Caravan - Artistry In Western Swing
Brenda Lee - Bigelow 6-200
The Modern Sounds - Lonesome Joe From Kokomo
Roger Miller - My Ears Should Burn When Fools Are Talked About
Lenny Breau - I Love You Because
Matt Munisteri - Moonlight Mississippi
The Cactus Blossoms - Change Your Ways Or Die
Jimmy Bryant - Rattle Dance
Lisa Layne - It's Your Love
Autry Inman w/ Grady Martin - It Would Be A Doggone Lie
Marty Stuart & The Fabulous Superlatives - It's Time To Go Home
Buddy Emmons - Buddy's Boogie
Bob Luman - Stranger Than Fiction
Chris Scruggs & The Air Castle Allstars - Tennessee Saturday Night
Hawaii Calls - Hukilau
The Quebe Sisters - How High The Moon

March 24, 2016. Our compadre Frank Hamilton slid into the Bunkhouse of The Air armed only with his well patina-ed Martin 00-21 guitar and stories to spare. He was shadowed by the genial ukulele-ist Jeff Pearlman who supplied happy, plunky sounds. The dynamic duo put their heads together and came up with a lively mini-set of folk music and very ancient jazz.
Frank is a walking, talking embodiment of traditional music and lucky for us, he's made entertainment and education his life's goal. It was a great show, for sure!!

Lost Weekend - Lopin' Along
Wayne Hancock - Flatland Boogie
Rudy "Tutti" Grazell - Ducktail
Kayton Roberts - Coconut grove
Gene Summers - Boogie Rock
Genoa Keawe - Hawaiian War Chant
Joel Paterson - Speedin' North
The Modern Sounds - Blues Roundup
The Cactus Blossoms - Clown Collector
Dave Stuckey - Nobody's Sweetheart
Dale Watson - Good Luck 'N Good Truckin' Tonight
Craig Chambers - Cherokee Medley
Sol Hoopii - To You Sweetheart Aloha
Gene O'Quin - Texas Boogie
Nashville Swing Band - Ida Red
Roy Smeck - Uke Said It
Asleep At The Wheel - Mean Woman With The Green Eyes
Joey Miskulin & Friends - Happy Trails

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