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Ruff, Rugged & Raw
Saturday  3am - 6am
The Remix
Hosted By DJ Yogi, Gerald Olivari, and Big Dee

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For information about Gerald Olivari, visit http://www.go4sports.com
For information about DJ Yogi, visit http://twitter.com/IamDjYogi
For information about Big Dee, visit https://www.facebook.com/65phenom

Show DescriptionWe have informal discussions on current events and sports topics. We also play a variety of Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, and Reggae music. So whether you're going to the club, you're working the 3rd-shift, or you're just up late, you'll find The Remix to be an entertaining, informative show that you'll enjoy listening to every Friday night.


Chris "MayDay" Rucks and Christal Jordan-Mims

Marshall Lyons (BlackVibes) and Cashman (Digiwaxx)

Omega Tha Kid
Omega Tha Kid

Gerald on Fox Sports South

Mama's Moonshine

Brandy (Lakers Game)


Killer Mike and Grind Time

Raheem The Dream

DJ Cisco Mixing

The Remix hands off to DJ Gene

Marshall (BlackVibes) and Chris "MayDay" Rucks

Ryan Cameron

Listener wins Hawks tickets

Rodney Simpson & Li Li's Ladies

Audio Archive
Blizm [VIDEO] (3:16)

Suga Baby [VIDEO] (9:56)

Rodney Simpson & Ishmail discuss the upcoming UK tour for F.A.M.E the Experience [VIDEO] (9:22) (F.A.M.E. the Experience College Tour)

Li Li's Ladies [VIDEO] (6:27)

Rodney Simpson [VIDEO] (9:57) (F.A.M.E. the Experience College Tour)

Kevin Shine and Ms Dia [VIDEO] (9:38) (A&R Consultant to Wayne Williams)

Mary Mary (9:38)

Jody Breeze (9:40) (Boyz N Da Hood)

Tom Silverman (9:56) (Founder of Tommy Boy Records)

Jeremih (4:37) (aka Mr Birthday Sex)

Travis and Trinity Townsend (9:56) (Authors of When The Cops Come Knockin)

Paulina Interview (10:12) (Singer)

Dhani Jones Interview (8:07) (NFL Linebacker)

J.Keys Interview (10:00)

Omega Tha Kid Interview (10:01)

Lil Chevy Interview (8:22) (Rocstars Entertainment)

Biggz Interview (6:40)

Sweetdaddy Productions Interview (14:47)

Middle Finger Mindz Interview (8:07) (Rocstars Entertainment)

GO Time Mix (Mar 09) (8:07) (Latest from Jay-Z, Nas, T.I., Talib, Joell, etc...)

Killer Mike Interview (8:07) (Purple Ribbon and Grind Time)

Da Union (Part 1) (8:45) (Music Is My Business)

Da Union (Part 2) (8:17) (Music Is My Business)

The 2 Live Stews (8:15) (Doug and Ryan Stewart - 790 The Zone)

Jason Terry (1:46) (NBA - Guard)

Kynan Forney (3:21) (NFL - Atlanta Falcons - Right Guard)

J. Keys (Part 1) (3:13) (Unsigned Artist talks about his image, who he emulates, and his goals)

J. Keys (Part 2) (4:06) (Talks about his album and his relationship with Aaliyah)

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