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My Own House
Sunday  9am - 11am
My Own House
Hosted By Sharon Wiggins & Fred MacIsaac

My Own House was conceived in 1981 to provide a program that would broaden the scope of what was being played on other bluegrass programs at WRFG by mixing bluegrass and country into one program. Now some 20 odd years later, the program continues to provide that mix, but has broadened further. When you tune in you will hear bluegrass, folk, country, Americana, Western and Western Swing, Cowboy & Yodeling, Acoustic blues, and whatever else I think sounds good !!!
Through over 30 years of involvement in the music scene around Atlanta, I have learned that folks love a good mixture of acoustic type musics, and that is what we do best on My Own House.
The program is also co-hosted now by my good friend and great music lover, Fred MacIsaac. He brings his own flavors of Americana, bluegrass, and country to My Own House. Many Sundays, he ties the music together using a "Theme", making the program even more fun to listen to.
If you have any questions about anything you hear on My Own House, please feel free to contact me at saw0721@bellsouth.net.
Drop by often and enjoy the music we play at "My Own House".
Thanks for listening,
Sharon Wiggins

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