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Good Morning Blues
Wednesday  8am - 10am
The Blues Therapy Show & Dance
Hosted By Stagga' Lee Henzel


"The Blues Therapy Show & Dance", which airs Wednesdays, 8-10am (EST) on WRFG 89.3FM Atlanta, GA &/or www.wrfg.org , prescribes the best in local, regional, national, & international Blues as well as different styles/interpretations of the Blues.

Thanks for your listenership & continued support! Keep enjoying & supporting the music America was built on!
Blues Truly,Lee

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***Playlist for Wednesday, September 28, 2016

R.I.P.Stanley Dural, Jr.AKA "Buckwheat Zydeco" (November 14, 1947 September 24, 2016)
-Buckwheat Zydeco:"Ma' Tit Fille"("My Little Girl")
-Chris Ardion:"Find U Some Business"
-St. Louis Jimmy:"Dog House Blues"
-Jimmy "T-99" Nelson:"Bad Habit Blues"
KOKO TAYLOR - B.September 28, 1928
-Koko Taylor:"Earnestine"
-Koko Taylor:"Piece Of Man"
-Lil' Ed and The Blues Imperials:"Poor Man's Song"
-Lurrie Bell:"Faith And Music"
-Johnny Copeland f/ Stevie Ray Vaughn:"Don't Stop By The Creek, Son"
STEVIE RAY VAUGHN - B.October 3, 1954
-Stevie Ray Vaughn:"Wall Of Denial"
-Stevie Ray Vaughn:"Let Me Love You Baby"(Live!)
-Stevie Ray Vaughn:"Leave My Little Girl Alone"(Live!)
-Stevie Ray Vaughn:"Superstition"
-Stevie Ray Vaughn:"I Ain't Gone Give Up On Love"
-Rue De Blues:"Comin' Home Baby"
-The Paul Deslauriers Band:"Stewtro Rock(Just Got Back)"
-Big Jon Atkinson & Bob Corritore:"Goin' Back To Tennessee"
-Mr.Sipp:"Say The Word"
-James"Buddy"Rogers:"Come Back To Me"
-Eric Clapton f/ Babyface:"Change The World"
-Ruby Woo:"Never Met A Man"
-William Bell:"Born Under A Bad Sign"(Live!)

***Playlist for Wednesday, September 21, 2016

-Clarence "Bluesman" Davis & Jock Webb:"Before You Accuse Me"
-Lil' Ed and The Blues Imperials:"Poor Man's Song"
-Nigel Hall:"Don't Change For Me"
-Nigel Hall:"Lay Away"
-Johnny Charles:"Take It Easy Baby"
-Rue De Blues:"I'm A Woman"
-James "Buddy" Rogers:"Come Back To Me"
-Elmore James:"Person To Person"
-The McKee Brothers:"Connections"
-Chick Willis:"1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Shots Of Whiskey"
-Chick Willis:"Ribshack Blues Cafe"
-Billy Stewart:"Summertime"
-Linda Miles:"It's Not On My Menu"
-Terrie Odabi:"Life Is So Good"
-The Dogtown Blues Band:"County Line"
-Little G Weevil:"Sunshine Blues"
-Solomon Burke:"Ain't Nobody's Business"(Live!)
-Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong:"Summertime"
-Johnny Copeland:"Blues Ain't Nothin'"
-Johnny Copeland:"Down On Bended Knee"
-Gonzalo Bergara:"You Don't Have To Go"
-Gregory Porter:"1960 What?"

***Playlist for Wednesday, September 14, 2016

-The Dogtown Blues Band:"All The Way Down"
-Albert White:"I'll Take Care Of You"
-Buddy Guy:"I Found Happiness"
-Buddy Guy:"It's A Jungle Out There"
-Matt Baxter & Jake Sampson:"Don't It Make You Feel Good"
-Reverend Freakchild:"I Still Have Joy"
-John Khaleefa and The Soul Chargers Band:"If You Love Somebody Set Them Free"
-Lurrie Bell:"Faith And Music"
-The McKee Brothers:"Connections"
-Little Charlie And Organ Grinder Swing:"Pennies From Heaven"
-William Bell:"Johnny, I Love You"
-William Bell:"This Is Where I Live"
-William Bell:"Till My Back Ain't Got No Bone"
-Willia Bell:"The Three Of Me"
-Lavelle White:"I've Never Found A Man To Love"
-William Bell:"All Your Stories"
-Sherman Robertson:"The Tail Is Wggin' The Dog"
-Theodis Ealey:"Baby What You Want Me To Do (aka You Got Me Runnin')"(Live!)
-William Bell:"The House Always Wins"
-Willia Bell:"Mississippi / Arkansas Bridge"(Live!)

***Playlist for Wednesday, September 7, 2016

-John Long:"Welcome Mat"
-Little Brother Jones:"Blues At Midnight"
-Little G Weevil:"Apple Picker"
-Little G Weevil:"Sunshine Blues"
-Lonnie Johnson:"You Have No Love In Your Heart"
-Luther Allison:"It Hurts Me Too"(Live!)
-Claudette King:"Whole Lotta Nothing"
-The Lee Griffin Band:"Watch Yourself"
-Frankie's Blues Mission:"Blues For C.K."
-Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson:"Possum Slim"
-Tad Robinson:"Long Way Home"
-Sugar Blue:"Lip Service & Lies"(Live!)
-Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings:"Old Folks"
-The Work In Progress Band:"A Better Woman"
-Claudette King:"Can I Walk You To Your Car"
-Brandon Santini:"You Ruined Poor Me"
-Lew Jetton & 61 South:"Sandy Lee"
-Mudcat and The Atlanta Horns:"Sarah"
-Cracked Ice:"Sweet Feeling"
-The Breeze Kings:"Pink Panther"
-Archie Bell & The Drells:"Tighten Up"
-William Bell:"This Is Where I Live"

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