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WRFG is a community-oriented, educational, alternative medium and our programming must reflect this.

We are for those alternatives that uplift human dignity and give people more control over their lives. WRFG is opposed to those forces in our lives that dehumanize and oppress people, especially economic exploitation, racism, sexism, militarism and anti-foreign/anti-immigrant chauvinism.

Interview with Harlon Joye (1993)

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Civil Right Movement Veterans

We at WRFG are located in Atlanta - the home of much of the heart of the modern civil rights movement. In our public affiars programs we focus largely on the injustices experienced by people in the region, the nation and the world. Knowing the history of the region and its actvists is essential in understanding how we got where are and where we are going. The Civil Rights Movement Veterans website is an essential source for knowing that history and the contemporary views of these activists.

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Music From India
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