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WRFG is a community-oriented, educational, alternative medium and our programming must reflect this.

We are for those alternatives that uplift human dignity and give people more control over their lives. WRFG is opposed to those forces in our lives that dehumanize and oppress people, especially economic exploitation, racism, sexism, militarism and anti-foreign/anti-immigrant chauvinism.

Interview with Harlon Joye (1993)

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WRFG's Public Affairs Programs

Monday through Friday, noon-1PM
“The Progressive News Hour”

Monday: RADIO FREE ACTIVISTS coverage of political and cultural actions in the metro Atlanta region with emphasis on making connections to world situations. Features interviews of anti-war and other activists. Hosted by Brian Sherman.
Email - knowtheworld@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=81

Tuesday: THE PROGRESSIVE RADIO SHOW: a nationally syndicated program featuring two half-hour interviews conducted by Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive magazine. www.progressive.org

Wednesday: UNWRAPPED featuring interviews with experts and political pundits from around the globe providing in-depth analysis of socio-economic issues and local, national and international events. Hosted by Chris Askew with headlines by the News Diva.
Email - unwrapped@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=82

Thursday: CURRENT EVENTS features interviews with local activists, on-the-scene recordings of demonstrations and other direct actions, reports from Atlanta Progressive News journalists, and listener call-ins. Hosted by Adam Shapiro.
Email - currentevents@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=84

Friday: RADIO NATION: a nationally-syndicated program from The Nation magazine. Features conservations with grassroots activists, newsmakers and artists on politics, media, news and culture. Hosted by Laura Flanders.

Monday through Friday
1PM -2PM


A talk show for the Hip Hop Generation featuring in-depth interviews with local and international activists, community leaders, and artists from diverse communities. Offers a unique forum to explore issues relevant to the global Hip Hop audience. Hosted by Davey D, Weyland Southon and Anita Johnson.
Note: rebroadcast from Pacifica affiliate 94.1 KPFA in Berkeley, California. www.kpfa.org; www.hardknockradio.com

Monday through Friday
2PM -4PM

Global Drumbeat is a cross cultural fusion of traditional and contemporary music from global Pan-African Diaspora. Public affairs segments are featured on the following programs:

Monday: THE TAMBOR (“The Drum”) Is a polyrhythmic musical program Leading you from Africa into South America, Central America and the Caribbean. The program features special in depth reports and interviews on Latin America and the Spanish speaking Caribbean. Hosted by DJ Samba.
Email - eltambor@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=16

Thursday: THE SHRINE is a hybrid program of pan-Afrikan Hip Hop mixed with news and views from Afrikan-American communities. Featuring interviews local politicians, activists, wholistic healers, and artists.

Friday: "CARIBBEAN RUNNINGS" is a show that will educate the listener about the Caribbean Diaspora through relevant music from the culture that will be played in a manner that speaks to the values of that genre. Music that has cultural importance both historically and currently will be given priority. Other media of education will be through news, information presented and interviews. Interviews will be done with various types of individuals from community activists, community leaders, government officials, artists, and other integral members of the Caribbean Disapora, which Georgia is now apart of, speaking on issues that impact the Diaspora. The show will strive to take the listener to the Caribbean and at the same time bring the Caribbean to the listener. Hosted by Jason Walker.
Email - caribbeanrunnings@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=17

[Note: The Global Drumbeat also includes these music programs: Tues.’s The Kalakuta Show (African music and its relationship to music in the Pan-African Diaspora) and Wed.’s Soul Chamber (global Soul, R&B and broken beat music)]

Monday through Friday 4PM - 8PM
a progressive public affairs block

Daily, M-F 4-4:30PM Free Speech Radio News [FSRN]
A daily half-hour newscast of independent, grassroots reporters from around the globe; nationally-syndicated. Anchored by Aura Bogado. www.fsrn.org

Daily, M-F 5-6PM Democracy Now!: The War and Peace Report
A nationally-syndicated news program providing access to people and perspectives rarely heard in the U.S. corporate-sponsored media, including independent and international journalists, ordinary people from around the world who are directly affected by U.S. foreign policy, grassroots leaders and peace activists. Hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. www.democracynow.org

4 - 4:30PM Free Speech Radio News

5-6PM Democracy Now

6-7PM JUST PEACE A program focusing on activists struggling against economic and social injustice. Focus on international issues and on issues in the Deep South. Hosted by Heather Gray and Nadia Ali
Email - justpeace@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=36

7-8P R.A.P. (REVOLUTIONARY AFRICAN PERSPECTIVES) Internationalist Pan-African news and analysis of African people’s movements; their resistance against imperialist globalization, and their connection with worldwide activism for human rights. Hosted by Sobukwe Shukura.
Email - rap@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=87


4 - 4:30PM Free Speech Radio News

4:30 - 5PM LABOR FORUM Interviews on local and national labor issues. Updates on workers, labor struggles, and direct action in the metro Atlanta region with frequent reports from the Atlanta Labor Council. Hosted by Gary Washington of the Teamsters Union and Laurie Brown of the Communications Workers of America Union.

5-6P Democracy Now

6 - 6:30PM LAMBDA RADIO REPORT News and interviews about LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and queer) communities in metro Atlanta and beyond. Special emphasis on raising awareness about the intersectionality of race, class, gender, sexuality and disability from a human rights perspective. Hosted by Charone Pagett.
Email - lambdareport@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=37

6:30 - 7PM IN TUNE TO NATURE: An environmental program featuring interviews with metro Atlanta activists and news about local environmental and ecological issues. Hosted by Lisa Daly.
Email - tunedtonature@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=38

News and interviews dedicated to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GBLT) communities. Hosted by Betty Couvertier.
Email - alternativeperspectives@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=88


4 - 4:30PM Free Speech Radio News

4:30 - 5PM LABOR FORUM [same as Tuesday]

5-6P Democracy Now

6-6:30PM SECOND OPINION features interviews with local, national, and international animal rights activists. News updates about animals rights actions in the Metro Atlanta and beyond; seeks to promote acceptance and compassion among human and non-human animals. Hosted by Jean Barnes and Melody Parris.
Email - secondopinion@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=39

6:30 - 7:00PM HEALTH ISSUES TODAY Half-hour interviews with medical and other health practitioners toward informing listeners about ongoing health issues. Interviews conducted by Dr. Asha Bhoomkhar, MD
Email - healthissuestoday@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=40

7-8P CLASS CHRONICLES A program giving voice to the front line fighters organizing to end poverty. Analysis of the reasons why poverty exists and what can be done about it. Coverage of local, national, and international campaigns for economic, human rights and justice. Hosted by Joan Baptist.
Email - classchronicles@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=89

Thursday :

4 - 4:30PM Free Speech Radio News

4:30 - 5PM MAKING CONTACT: A nationally-syndicated program with in-depth critical analysis that goes beyond the breaking news. Showcasing voices and perspectives rarely heard in mainstream media, Making Contact focuses on the human realities of politics and the connections between local and global events.

5 - 6PM Democracy Now

6 - 7PM SISTAS’ TIME An audio magazine featuring issues involving the life, health, rhythm and culture of women of African descent, and providing space for non-profits, artists, activists and scholars to inform and inspire community action locally and globally. Hosted by Dazon Dixon Diallo.
Email - sisterstime@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=41

7 -8PM WOMANSPEAK Womanist/feminist news, analysis and community activism from diverse communities. The program provides a race, class, and gender analysis to local, nation and international issues impacting women and their communities. It also seeks to raise awareness of activism aimed at female empowerment, gender equality, social justice and community upliftment. Celebrates women’s diverse cultures and achievements. Hosted by Wiatta Freeman.
Email - womanspeak@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=90

Friday :

4 - 4:30PM Free Speech Radio News

CounterSpin provides a critical examination of the major stories every week, and exposes what the mainstream media might have missed in their own coverage. CounterSpin exposes and highlights biased and inaccurate news; censored stories; sexism, racism and homophobia in the news; the power of corporate influence and TV news' narrow political spectrum. A nationally-syndicated program from the media watch group FAIR ( Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting). Hosted by Janine Jackson, Steve Rendell, and Peter Hart.

5 - 6PM Democracy Now

6 - 7:30PM WHAT GOOD IS A SONG? Public affairs from New Afrikan and Black nationalist perspectives. Features the Friday Night Drum with news reports from Afrika, the Caribbean and New Afrika. Special reports on political prisoners locally, nationally and internationally. Produced by Fulani and Bilal Sunni Ali, Brother Rah Elohan and Sister Courage.
Email - whatgoodisasong@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=42

7:30 - 8PM YOUTH VIEWS / YOUTH SPEAK TRUTH Atlanta-area youth activists present progressive news and analysis from their perspectives. Hosted on alternate weeks by the two teams.
Email - youthviews@wrfg.org
Email - youthspeaktruth@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=91


NIGHTWATCH is a program strip of progressive interviews and cultural expressions from people of African descent. There is a different host each evening.

Sunday night, 10PM-12AM: SUNDAY NIGHT FIYAH features music and interviews on community empowerment history and current events from a Pan-Africanist perspective. Hosted by Karen Mason.

Monday early morning, 12AM-6AM: M.A.P.P.T.I.M.E. JAZZ: Metaphysical Answers and Personal-Political Truths Inside Musical Edu-tainment. Features music and interviews with community activists and wholistic healers on political empowerment, metaphysical studies, and personal transformation. Includes monthly, locally-produced segment with Atlanta Univ. Center students called “The Voice Radio Project”. Hosted by Wanique Shabazz.

Tuesday early morning, 12AM-3AM: PEOPLETALK is a variety show that discusses news, views and social issues affecting urban communities. The program also features interviews with artist, authors, business owners, groups and individuals. The PeopleTalk sounds include Hip Hop, Neo-Soul and Spoken Word. Hosted by Angelique Allen.
Email - peopletalk@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=53

Wednesday early morning, 12AM-3AM: EXPRESSIONS features Afrikan-centered music and interviews with community activists on wholistic healing, spirituality, community development, and political empowerment. Hosted by Akhenaten Amen-Ra Slm-Bey.
Email - expressions@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=54

Thursday early morning, 12AM-3AM: THE SHOW features interviews and music from the Hip Hop community. Hosted by Deamonique Easley.
Email - theshowpt2@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=55

Friday early morning, 12AM-3AM: THE MEETING OF THE INNER CIRCLE features music and interviews with community activists on healthy food consumption, Earth healing, and wholistic living. Hosted by Adama Maweja.
Email - meetingoftheinnercircle@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=55

Saturday early morning, 12AM-3AM: THE HEALERS features Afrikan-centered interviews with community activists on wholistic healing, community development, and political empowerment mixed with Caribbean music. Hosted by Kofi Kwayana.
Email - thehealers@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=57

11AM-2PM AFRICAN EXPERIENCE WORLDWIDE a mix of Continental African music, news and analysis. Includes interviews about what's happening on the continent and among African communities in the Southeast, especially in the Atlanta metro area. Hosted by Mfon Ufot and Sharifa Saa; includes news/features contributor Edward Gaston and DJ Sam.
Email - africanexperienceworldwide@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=65

5-7P RADIO DIASPORA A progressive analysis of news and issues impacting diverse Latino and Caribbean Communities. The program is inclusive of Afro-Latino, Afro Caribbean and Indigenous peoples, traditionally under-represented in the media. A bilingual program with the first hour in English and second hour in Spanish. Hosted by executive producer Janvieve Wiliams and volunteers from the Latin American and Caribbean Community Center (LACCC) and The Human Rights Network.
Email - radiodiaspora@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=86


7-10PM FOX’S MINSTREL SHOW – A mix of topical music and political commentaries set around progressive themes, e.g. labor, civil liberties, ecology, economic justice, and a peoples history of resistance. Hosted by Harlon Joye.
Email - foxsminstrelshow@wrfg.org
WRFG web page - http://wrfg.org/features/shows/shows-desc.asp?showid=78

10PM – 12AM SUNDAY NIGHT FIYAH and 12AM-6AM M.A.P.T.I.M.E. (see NIGHWATCH section)

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