WRFG’s 2023 Staff

Wanique Shabazz – he/him – FCC-Chief Operator & Station Operations Director-Facilities Coordinator

He has collaborated in the certification of WRFG broadcast Airshifters through seasonal broadcast classes. He acts as the Airshifter Supervisor to ensure compliance with FCC regulations & guidelines. With over 25 years at WRFG as the stations Operations Director, he continues to exercise his broadcasting expertise and organizational experience in service with our station. He produces MAPPTIME JAZZ, every Monday from 12am to 3am.

Email : wanique@wrfg.org

Christopher Hollis – he/him – Director of Finance and Development

Christopher joined WRFG in 2012 and completed the Broadcast Class in the following year. He was the audio engineer for the Labor Forum program for 5 years and the Operations Committee Co-Chair for from 2018 to 2020. Most recently he has acted as the Broadcast Coordinator alongside Amiel Tomlin in enhancing the station’s broadcasting efforts during the pandemic. He brings his community engagement and organizational experience to the position. He is currently co-producer of Rhythm and Resistance, every Friday from 10am to 12pm.

Email : manager@wrfg.org

Kris Adhisurya – they/them – Administrative Assistant

Kris is an alumnus of Album 88 and they bring with them the knowledge gained and sustained through college radio. They will be assisting in administrative work alongside the Director of Finance to see through the success of 2023 projects including archiving, newsletter submissions, and volunteer outreach.

Email : kris@wrfg.org