About WRFG

WRFG 89.3 FM is an independent, non-commercial, listener-supported, nonprofit, community radio station in Atlanta, Georgia.

On air since 1973, WRFG is Atlanta’s vital outlet for local musicians and artists, community voices, and progressive ideas and activities. No other station offers so much musical diversity—jazz, blues, zydeco, hip-hop, Indian, Caribbean, bluegrass, Latin, African, Americana, doo-wop, R&B, Celtic, and house. Plus, WRFG airs numerous public affairs programs featuring a wide range of local community voices on various issues. See our full program schedule.

WRFG is licensed to broadcast at 100,000 watts of power, has a 100-mile broadcast radius, and streams worldwide 24/7. The station’s operations are funded by listener donations, with periodic fundraising drives heard during the year. No other station can claim the audience diversity and loyalty that WRFG has enjoyed for over five decades.

WRFG depends on community support. Please show your support by donating today.