14-December-2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. We welcomed Horton’s Holiday Hayride featuring Rev Horton Heat, the Blasters, Big Sandy and Junior Brown – what a lineup! Also hitting town are Sunny Sweeney, Atlanta Rhythm Section and Bob Seger. Lots of holiday tunes too! Trudi from Decatur nailed our trivia question:

Q: What is the title of this contemporary holiday classic?

A: “Fairytale of New York”

1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows

2-Tormented –the Footnotes

3-Too Hot to Handle –Eddie Noack

4-Papa Barrence’s Christmas –Barrence Whitfield and the Savages

5-Santa Claus –the Sonics

6-Wiggle Stick –Rev Horton Heat

7-Blue Shadow –the Blasters

8-Party Lights –Junior Brown

9-One More Day –Todd Rundgren

10-Everything I Could Do Wrong –Reckless Kelly

11-Sex Beat –Gun Club

12-Just Another Gun –Jon Byrd

13-Happy Hour –Sunny Sweeney

14-Get Out of Denver –Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

15-East Side Story –Bob Seger and the Last Heard

16-I Slept Through Christmas –Ruby Boots

17-Xmas in February –Lou Reed

18-The List –Ha Ha Tonka

19-Fairytale of New York –Kirsty McColl/ the Pogues

20-Late Last Night –Laurie Jane and the 45s

21-Is that You Santa Claus? –Michelle Malone and the Hot Toddies

22-Talking Christmas Goodwill Blues –John Wesley Harding

23-Doin What Comes Easy to a Fool-Junior Brown

24-Hollywood Bed –the Blasters

25-Drinkin’ and Smokin’ Cigarettes –Rev Horton Heat

26-Christmas Things –Blake Stamper

27-Run Rudolph Run –Cheap Trick

28-Marie Marie –the Blasters

29-Jukin’ –Atlanta Rhythm Section

30-Magazin –White Denim

31-I’m Drunk Again this Christmas –Zach Schmidt

32-Christmas is Coming –Glenna Bell

33-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

Stephen Kilbride

7-December -2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. Thanks to Dallas, TX singer/songstress Vanessa Peters for calling in for a chat. Her new album is Foxhole Prayers. We bid farewell to our very own Whiskey Gentry as they hit town for their final show together, and also welcomed JD McPherson and Simo. A new Xmas EP from Michelle Malone and our trivia question was a stumper.

Q: What was the name of Atlanta glam rocker Tommy Rivers’ backing band?

A: the Raw Ramps

1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows

2-Another Sad and Lonely Night –Bobby Fuller Four

3-Dear John –Warren Smith

4-East Side Sound –Bob Seger and the Last Heard

5-Get Started –Vanessa Peters

6-I’d Rather Die in Vain –Simo

7-Christmastime is Cruel –Tommy Rivers

8-Suzie Q –Johnny Rivers

9-Foxhole Prayers –Vanessa Peters

10-Just One of Them –Vanessa Peters

11-Late Last Night –Laurie Jane and the 45s

12-Santa Claus is Coming to Town –Michelle Malone and the Hot Toddies

13-Christmas at the Clermont Lounge –Connor Rand and the Red Dirt Band

14-1941 –A Pony Named Olga

15-So Fast So Numb –REM

16-Driving in the Zone –Western Star

17-The Swingin’ Creeper –the Ventures

18-New Fashion –Bleach Party

19-Guitars Whiskey Guns and Knives –Whiskey Gentry

20-Wine Lips –Lydia Loveless

21-Jubilee –JD McPherson

22-Guitar and Gun –the Footnotes

23-Lovin’ Honey –Gene Morris

24-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

Stephen Kilbride
30-November -2018 “Americana Garage” A new CD collection of Bob Seger and the Last Heard’s earliest singles, “Heavy Music: 1966-1968, “and more new music from Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams, the Footnotes, Sandy Carroll and Melanie Brulee. Howdy to town to Elton John, Richard Thompson and the Sundogs, and a shout-out to the UGA Dawgs! Dan from Atlanta nailed our trivia challenge:

Q: Who is singing this song?

A: Bob Seger (“East Side Story” 1966)

1-Blues theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows

2-The Wishing Well –Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams

3-Marihuana –Rev Horton Heat

4-Satellite Fever/ Asiatic Flu –Lonnie Miley

5-Wheels in Motion –the Footnotes

6-Looking Up –Elton John

7-Backwater –Meat Puppets

8-Shilpa Ray’s Got a Heart Full of Dirt –Shilpa Ray

9-Haul Me Up –Richard Thompson

10-Misfits –the Kinks

11-My Town –the Dawgs

12-Greenfinger –the Sundogs

13-Have You Seen My Baby – the Flamin’ Groovies

14-My Girlfriend Ran Off with a Girl –Truckadelic

15-Someone I Care About –Modern Lovers

16-Don’t Tell My Wife –Johnny Paycheck

17-Good Rockin’ Mama –Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon

18-East Side Story –Bob Seger and the Last Heard

19-Goin Back to Dixie –Wayne Busby

20-Rock Rock –Johnny Powers w/ Stan Getz and the Tom Cats

21-Here Comes the Weekend –the Jam

22-Somebody Gotta Dance –Sandy Carroll

23-Midnighter –the Champs

24-Heavy Music –Bob Seger and the Last Heard

25-Don’t Renege on Our Love –Richard and LindaThompson

26-Whiskey and Whine –Melanie Brulee

27-Be My Baby –FD Johnson

28-Shoot Out the Lights –Richard and Linda Thompson

29-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

16-November -2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. RIP Roy Clark. Those still among us we welcomed to town included Stevie Tombstone, Rev Peyton and His Big Damn Band, the Bellamy Bros and Wet Willlie. New music was played from White Denim, Surfbort, Bleach Party, Melanie Brulee, Western Star, A Pony Named Olga, Barrence Whitfield and the Savages, Crystal Shawanda, Webb Wilder, Dallas Moore, the Footnotes, Sandy Carroll and Rev Peyton and His Big Damn Band. Deborah from Dallas, GA nailed our trivia question:

Q: Roy Clark played the character ‘Wild Willie Boggs’ on what 1970s sit-com?

A: The Odd Couple

1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-No Great Shakes –Webb Wilder
3-Trouble –Crystal Shawanda
4-Dirty Swerve-Rev Peyton and His Big Damn Band
5-Guitar Man –Jerry Reed
6-Hard Headed Woman –Wanda Jackson (Roy Clark guitar)
7-Foggy Mountain Breakdown –Roy Clark
8-Orange Blossom Special –Roy Clark
9-The Little Record Store Just Around the Corner –Drivin’ n’ Cryin’
10-Will You Love Me Tomorrow –Melanie Brulee
11-Since I Learned to Dance –Western Star
12-Somebody Got to Dance –Sandy Carroll
13-Dance Little Mama –Morry Sachet
14-Teaser –Wet Willie
15-Guitar and Gun –the Footnotes
16-Shoot Out the Lights –Dallas Moore
17-For the Life of Me –Roy Clark
18-Penetration –the Ventures
19-Love Goddess of Venus –the Ventures
20-Tom Cruise Control –Bleach Party
21-Redneck Girl –Bellamy Bros
22-It Aint Over til Its Over –A Pony Named Olga
23-Dope –Surfbort
24-Tall Black and Bitter –Barrence Whitfield and the Savages
25-Beat on the Brat –the Ramones
26-Justifiable Homicide –Jack Knife and the Sharps
27-Magazin –White Denim
28-Alabama Jubilee –Roy Clark
29-Kansas City –Roy Clark
30 –Okie’s in the Pokey –Jimmy Patton
31-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

9-November-2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. We welcomed the somewhat unsettling-not to mention downright creepy–Roy Orbison hologram to town, as well as flesh and blood versions of Dave Alvin, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Dallas Moore, Swimming Pool Qs and Reckless Kelly. And new music by Bleach Party, White Denim, Surfbort, Melanie Brulee, Dallas Moore, A Pony Named Olga, the Footnotes and Western Star. Mike from Hiram aced our trivia challenge:
Q: What original member of Credence Clearwater Revival has a birthday today?
A: Tom Fogerty
1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-Dia De Los Muertoes –Resurex
3-I Fought the Bottle –Bar Brawl Three
4-Peter Gunn –Duane Eddy
5-New Fashion –Bleach Party
6-Guitar and Gun –the Footnotes
7-Mr Soul –Buffalo Springfield
8-Please Don’t Touch –Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
9-My Wife –the Who
10-Ratbait –Swimming Pool Qs
11-Mr Honky Tonk –Dallas Moore
12-Bar Band –Luther Dickinson
13-Travelin Band –Credence Clearwater Revival
14-Ballad of the Bands –the Pinx
15-Rockabilly Fart –A Pony Named Olga
16-Broken Heart –Supersonic Blues Machine
17-Driving in the Zone –Western Star
18-Whiskey and Whine –Melanie Brulee
19-Bird on a Wire –Reckless Kelly
20-I’d Rather Two Step than Twelve Step –Bearfoot Hookers
21-Home is Where the Highway is –Dallas Moore
22-Tormented –the Footnotes
23-Dope –Surfbort
24-Tom Cruise Control –Bleach Party
25-Fine Slime –White Denim
26-Caifornia’s Burning –Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women
27-Midnight Train –the Flatlanders
28-Wishin’ for You –the Flatlanders
29-Move on Down the Line –Roy Orbison
30-Every Time I Roll the Dice –Delbert McClinton
31-Commanche –Davie Allan and the Arrows
32-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

Stephen Kilbride
2-November -2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. We drove the Fall Pledge Drive past the checkered flag with great donations from Marietta, Palmetto and Decatur –thanky! Some leftover Halloween music and a howdy to town to Dex Romweber and the Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp Festival and Chili Cook-Off. New music from Western Star, Langhorne Slim, the Rev Peytons Big Damn Band, the Imperial Sound and Barrence Whitfield and the Savages. RIP Tony Joe White and happy birthday k d Lang!
1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-Bad –John Amory
3-Sunshine Don’t Make the Sun –Barrence Whitfield and the Savages
4-The Sun Goes Out –the Imperial Sound
5-Poor Until Payday –Rev Peytons Big Damn Band
6-Green Slime –Silver Scream Spookshow
7-Spider Woman –Uriah Heep
8-Surfin in the Black Lagoon –Silver Scream Spookshow
9-Witch Doctor –Silver Scream Spookshow
10-Vampire –Bruce Hamby and the Furies
11-So Sad About Us-Dex Romweber Duo
12-Cabbagetown –Delta Angels
13-Tear My Stillhouse Down –Smokeys Farmland Band
14-Don’t Sell Daddy No More Whiskey –Slim Chance and the Convicts
15-Love Train –the Yayhoos
16-Pay Dirt –k d Lang
17-The Fever –Garth Brooks
18-Poke Sallet Annie –Elvis Presley
19-Mother Blues –Ray Wylie Hubbard
20-Driving in the Zone –Western Star
21-Phone Call –Billy Fury
22-Sweet Caroline –Elvis Presley
23-Rose Garden –k d Lang
24-Missing You –Del Fuegoes
25-All Night in Jail –Rod Bernard
26-Ain’t Goin Down til the Sun Comes Up- Garth Brooks
27-Blackout –Dex Romweber Duo
28-Zombie –Langhorne Slim
29-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

26-October-2018 “Americana Garage” Halloween Hex-travaganza time! Our trick or treat bags were out and delicious donations from Marietta, Canton and Atlanta added to our fall pledge total! We welcomed Texas psych-rock legend Roky Erickson to town and generally got our monster on!
1-Extrasensory Deception –Davie Allan and the Phantom Surfers
2-Monster Trash –King Dapper Combo
3-Midnight Monsters Hop –Jack and Jim
4-Theme from Halloween –Los Straitjackets
5-Halloween Dance –Rev Horton Heat
6-At the Spookshow –Silver Scream Spookshow
7-Svengoolie Stomp –Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon
8-If You Have Ghosts –John Wesley Harding
9-The Damn Thing –Roky Erickson
10-I Walked with a Zombie-REM
11-Attack of the 50-foot Woman –the Tubes
12-Take Me to Your Ladder (I’ll See Your Leader Later) –Buddy Clinton
13-Pet Cemetery –the Ramones
14-Rockin’ Coffin Bar –Hayride to Hell
15-Rockin’ in the Graveyard –Jackie Morningstar
16-Feed My Frankenstein –Alice Cooper
17-Frankenstein –New York Dolls
18-Monster –the Mission Creeps
19-Monster Party –Bill Doggett
20-My Monster –Blondie
21-Monster Blues –Dexter Romweber
22-Ghoulman Confidential –the Fleshtones
23-Psycho –Eddie Noack
24-Too Much Blood –Rolling Stones
25-Undead Blues –Unknown Hinson
26-Burn the Flames –Roky Erickson
27-Monster’s Holiday –John Corneal and the International Submarine Band

19-October-2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. Generous donations from all over Atlanta –and Forest Park and Massachusetts too! –pushed us well over our $500 goal –much obliged! The pledge drive rolls on for 2 more weeks and we still have three copies of Freddy Cannon’s new 45 “Svengoolie Stomp” on limited edition orange vinyl for donations of $50 or more on a credit card! We also took time to welcome White Denim, the Bodeans, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Dustbowl Revival, John Hiatt and Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman and Marty Stuart to town and spun new music from Melanie Brulee, White Denim and Dustbowl Revival.
1-Blues Theme-Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-Crazy Alien Chick –King Memphis
3-Black Cat –Tommy Collins
4-Blue Suede Shoes –Chris Robinson Brotherhood
5-Magazin –White Denim
6-Loretta –Nervous Eaters
7-I See Green –Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers
8-Svengolie Stomp –Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon
9-Haunted Hipster –the Fleshtones
10-Halloween Parade –Lou Reed
11-Whiskey and Whine –Melanie Brulee
12-Will You Love Me Tomorrow –Melanie Brulee
13-Runaway –the Bodeans
14-Martian Trip –the Vibra Champs
15-Martian Hop –the Ran Dells
16-Knocked Out Joint on Mars –Buck Trail
17-Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White –the Standells
18-Pitch Black –Linc Jeffries and the Missing Links
19-Where is the Next One Coming From? –John Hiatt
20-Devi Doll –X
21-Call My Name –Dustbowl Revival
22-Tempted –Marty Stuart
23-If We Never Meet Again –Roger McGuinn
24-Frankensurfer –Surfaholics
25-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

5-October-2018 “Americana Garage” We got a jump on Halloween with some appropriate fare and welcomed Public Image Ltd, Alice Cooper and the Outlaws to town. RIP Marty Balin of the Jefferson Airplane. Also, new music by Surfbort, Vanessa Peters, the Imperial Sound and Cut Throat Finches. Steve from Atlanta corralled our trivia challenge:

Q: This song is the theme to what film?

A: “ Magnificent Seven”

1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows

2-Jebediah Moonshine’s Friday Night Shack Party –Audra Mae and the Almighty Sound

3-The Sun Goes Out-the Imperial Sound

4-Screamin’ Mimi Jeanie –Mickey Hawks

5-Rocket in My Pocket –Jimmy Lloyd

6-Real Deal –Psychodevilles

7-Killer Klowns –the Dickies

8-Horror Movie –Skyhooks

9-Genuine American Girl –Alice Cooper

10-Plastic Fantastic Lover –Jefferson Airplane

11-Rise –Public Image Ltd

12-No Fun –Sex Pistols

13-Werewolves on Wheels –the Born Losers

14-Werewolf –the Frantics

15-I Want to Destroy You –Dollar Store

16-Cold Company –Mary Lou Lord

17-Under My Wheels –Alice Cooper

18-Magnificent Seven –Jon Rauhouse

19-Nutbush City Limits –Webb Wilder

20-Ghost on the Road –Guadalcanal Diary

21-Dope –Surfbort

22-A Girl Like You –the Troggs

23-Waterhole –the Outlaws

24-Stay With Me –the Outlaws

25-Public Image –Public Image Ltd

26-Full Grown Cat –the McCoys

27-Bop Cat Bop –Simon Crum

28-Gutter Cat vs the Jets –Alice Cooper

29-Foxhole Prayer –Vanessa Peters

30-You Don’t Write –Cut Throat Finches

31-Lonely Dozer –La Luz

32-50 Megatons –Sonny Russell

33-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

28-Sept -2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. We welcomed the Drive-By Truckers, Drivin’ n Cryin’, Michelle Malone and Cory Branan to town and spun new music by the Imperial Sound, Vanessa Peters, Preacher Boy, PR Newman Otis and Go! Tsunami. John from Marietta nailed our trivia challenge:
Q: Patterson Hood’s (Drive-By Truckers) father was a session musician at Muscle Shoals studios in Alabama. What instrument did he play?
A: Bass
1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-Get Along-the Imperial Sound
3-Little Girls Were Made to Love –the Scepters
4-Wild Weekend –Los Straitjackets/Deke Dickerson
5-Birthday Boy –Drive-By Truckers
6-The Little Record Store Just Around the Corner –Drivin’ n Cryin’
7-Matador-Michelle Malone
8-Yeah So What –Cory Branan
9-Cocaine Blues –George Thorogood
10-Heart of a Fool –Willy Deville
11-Rockabilly Rhythm –Gene McKown and the Tune Twisters
12-A Living Hell –the Bottle Rockets
13-99% -the Mooney Suzuki
14-The Living Bubba –Drive-By Truckers
15-Carl Perkins’ Cadillac –Mike Cooley
16-Sure to Fall –Carl Perkins
17-Rock n Roll –Velvet Underground
18-When Walter Went Crazy –Drive-By Truckers
19-Terror in the Midnight Sun-Go! Tsunami
16-Shake Your Magnolia –Blackberry Smoke
17-Lovin Man –Otis
18-Since Jimmy Came –Shonna Tucker
19-Black Magic –Ruston Kelly
20-Can’t Sleep Here Tonight –Preacher Boy
21-Let’s Paint the Town Red –Al Sweatt
22-Rock Everybody –Leon and Carlos
23-No Use Knockin’ on My Door-Lanie Walker and His Black Mountain Boys
24-Rolls –Vanessa Peters
25-Here Come the Rangers –PR Newman
26-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

21-Sept-2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. RIP Lorrie Collins of the brother/sister rockabilly duo the Collins Kids and Ed King, guitarist/bassist for the Strawberry Alarm Clock and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Welcome to town Ian Moore and new tunes from Webb Wilder, the Imperial Sound, Otis, Dang Dang Dang, Chickens and Pigs, Go! Tsunami, US Girls, PR Newman and Vanessa Peters. Our trivia question attracted many stabs but stumped the audience:
Q: On this date in 1956, what American rock n roller had five songs in the UK Top 30?
A: Bill Haley and his Comets
1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-This Cat’s in the Doghouse –Rosie Flores and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts
3-Kill My Baby Tonight –LA Witch
4-Swamp Gas – Go! Tsunami
5-Hop Skip and Jump –the Collins Kids
6-Lords of the Levee –Ian Moore
7-Battleship Chains –Georgia Satellites
8-Satellite –Ian Moore
9-Tracing the Lines –the Imperial Sound
10-Poison Whiskey-Lynyrd Skynyrd
11-Incense and Peppermints –the Strawberry Alarm Clock
12-Whore Kiss –Jigsaw Seen
13-Fight –Vanessa Peters
14-Death of a Tiki –El Capitan
15-My Little Baby –Rose Maddox
16-Whistle Bait –the Collins Kids
17-Burmese Mouth –Chickens and Pigs
18-Razzle Dazzle –Bill Haley and his Comets
19-Rockin’ Through the Rye-Bill Haley and his Comets
20-Rage of Plastics –US Girls
21-Roll Away the Stone –Mott the Hoople
22-Go to Hell –PR Newman
23-Crust –Dang Dang Dang
24-Summer 68 –Pink Floyd
25-Sunshine –the Ives
26-Starless Summer Sky –Marshall Crenshaw
27-Boppin the Blues –Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon
28-Mercy –the Collins Kids
29-The Wild One –Johnny O’ Keefe
30-Change –Otis
31-No Great Shakes –Webb Wilder
32-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

14-September -2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. Shootin’ the tube with a selection of surf classics as we welcomed the Southern Surf Stomp Fest to town! Thanks to my pals Brian and Karen for programming help! Brian’s picks are labeled with a B. Our trivia question was a stumper:
Q: Who was the only member of the five original Beach Boys who was a serious surfer?
A: Dennis Wilson
1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-Mennonite Surf Party –Rev Billy C Wirtz
3-Blue Surf –Dex Romweber
4-The Wet Spot –Southern Culture on the Skids
5-Outhouse Fuzz –Phatlynx
6-Blood at Dawn –Mystery Men? B
7-Tsunami Tsurprise-Space Cossacks B
8-Brand New Board-Volcanoes B
9-Fathomized-the Fathoms B
10-The Monster Surfer –Frank N Stein and the Dropouts
11-The Creature Stole My Surfboard –Dead Elvi
12-Surfin’ Dead –the Cramps
13-Surfin’ in the Black Lagoon –Silver Scream Spook Show
14-Piedras Negras –Laika and the Cosmonauts B
15-Pacifica-Los Straitjackets B
16-Jack Lord’s Hair-the Galaxy Trio B
17-Shootin’ the Pier –the lively Ones B
18-Highwater Mark –the Surge
19-Noble Surfer –the Beach Boys
20-Pray for Surf –the Honeys
21-Arenas Movedizas –New World Relampagos B
22-The Vortex Beyond –Man or Astroman? B
23-Ta Hu Wa Hu Wai –the Halibuts B
24-Exodus –El Caminos B
25-Dick Dale Stomp –Dick Dale and the Del Tones
26-Cowboy Surfer –Tony Torres
27-El Watusi –the Ventures
28-Surf Man –Richie Allen and the Pacific Surfers
29-Born to Surf –the Surf Punks
30-Into the Blue Sparkle-Slacktone B
31-Top Fueler Stomp –Boss Martians B
32-Please Pass the Ketchup –Huevos Rancheros B
33-Daytona Darlin’ –Sandy and the Beachcombers
34-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

7-September-2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89,3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. RIP Burt Reynolds, age 82. We welcomed Wayne Kramer leading a revamped line-up of classic Detroit rockers the MC5 on their MC50 anniversary tour with Atlanta’s Man or Astroman? opening. Chris Isaak, Sunny Sweeney and Atlanta’s own Gringo Star also have shows coming up. And new music from Vanessa Peters, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Webb Wilder, the Imperial Sound and Ian Moore. John from Marietta won our trivia challenge.Q: What Bruce Springsteen song mentions Burt Reynolds?

A: “Cadillac Ranch”

1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows

2-Looking for the Sound –Ian Moore

3-Tracing the Lines –the Imperial Sound

4-Rotten –Gringo Star

5-Kings of the Highway –Chris Isaak

6-Living in the City –Hurray for the Riff Raff

7-Italian Movie Theme –Man or Astroman?

8-Kick Out the Jams –the MC5

9-Tonight –Marshall Crenshaw

10-Bad Seed –Wayne Kramer

11-Discovering Japan –Graham Parker and the Rumour

12-Insects –Chris Isaak

13-Boys with Knives –Dexateens

14-East Bound and Down –Jerry Reed

15-Sneakin’ Around With You –Dolly Parton/Burt Reynolds

16-Texas Bound and Flyin’ –Jerry Reed

17-Cadillac Ranch –Bruce Springsteen

18-Trolls –Vanessa Peters

19-Violent Side –Neil Young

20-Get You Back –Joanne Shaw Taylor

21 –High Wire –Man or Astroman?

22-Happy Hour –Sunny Sweeney

23-Dancin –Chris Isaak

24-Shakin Street –the MC5

25-Baby Won’t Ya –the Pinx

26-Frederick –Patti Smith Group

27-Don’t Make Me Dream About You –Chris Isaak

28-New Day –Webb Wilder

29-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

31-August-2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. We kissed the summer of 2018 goodbye –at least ceremonially –with some beach tunes. Welcome Blind Willie’s house band the Shadows who will both be our honorees at the WRFG Labor Day Blues BBQ! We also welcomed Blackberry Smoke, Lynyrd Skynyrd , Marshall Tucker Band, Hank Williams Jr., Webb Wilder, Michelle Malone, Pinata Protest and Liz Phair to town. New tunes from Imperial Sound, PR Newman, Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon and Webb Wilder. Brian from Stone Mountain nailed our trivia challenge:

Q: Two of the three Van Zant brothers, Ronnie and Johnnie, sang for Lynyrd Skynyrd. Who did the middle brother (Donnie ) sing for?

A: 38 Special

1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows

2-Just Getting Started-Michelle Malone

3-Animal Lover –Webb Wilder

4-Deadwood Beach –the Aquasonics

5-Life on the Border –Pinata Protest

6-The Quarry –Imperial Sound

7-Redondo Beach –Patti Smith Group

8-Redondo Beach –Super Stocks

9-June July and August –Toni Dee

10-I Wish You Would –the Shadows

11-Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound-Hank Williams Jr.

12-Nobody Gives a Damn –Blackberry Smoke

13-Fire on the Mountain –Marshall Tucker Band

14-Gimme Back My Bullets-Lynyrd Skynyrd

15-Girls on the Beach –the Beach Boys

16-Summer of Drugs –Soul Asylum

17-Firestarter -38 Special

18-Supernova –Liz Phair

19-Rockaway Beach –the Ramones

20-Eat Steak –Rev Horton Heat

21-On Some Faraway Beach –Brian Eno

22-Beachball –REM

23-California Finally –La Luz

24-Summer Turns to High –REM

25-Rib Joint –the Shadows

26-Here Come the Rangers –PR Newman

27-Boppin the Blues –Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon

28-Newport Beach –Super Stocks

29-Casbah –Sandy Nelson

30-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

24-August-2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. Big thanks to rocker Webb Wilder for calling in for a chat! Webb will be performing at the Vista Room in Tucker on Friday Aug 31 with Michelle Malone. We also welcomed Whitey Morgan, Black Stone Cherry, Barrence Whitfield and the Savages and the Woggles to town and spun new tunes by Webb Wilder, U.S. Girls, Jo Anne Shaw Taylor, Otis, Blackberry Smoke, La Luz and Banditos. And happy birthday British Hammond B-3 organist Ken Hensley! Sam from Griffin was up to our trivia challenge:

Q: Ken Hensley is most famous for playing keyboards for what British heavy rock band?

A: Uriah Heep

1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows

2-Rip This Joint –Rolling Stones

3-High School Confidential –Jerry Lee Lewis

4-Make Me No Grave –Mystery Men

5-In My Blood –Black Stone Cherry

6-New Day –Webb Wilder

7-No Great Shakes –Webb Wilder

8-Lost in the Shuffle-Webb Wilder

9-Ready to Roll –Joanne Shaw Taylor

10-Easy Livin’ –Uriah Heep

11-Corner Man –Barrence Whitfield and the Savages

12-Waiting for the Rain –the Woggles

13-Oldest Fire in the World –Scruffy the Cat

14-The Creature-La Luz

15-Buick City –Whitey Morgan

16-Honky Tonk Queen –Whitey Morgan

17-Swimmin’ in Quicksand –Black Oak Arkansas

18-Best Seat in the House –Blackberry Smoke

19-Blind Hawg –Otis

20-Slicin’ Sand –Elvis Presley

21-June July and August –Toni Dee

22-Rage of Plastics –U.S. Girls

23-Mojo Box –Southern Culture on the Skids

24-Fine Fine Day –Banditos

25-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

3-August-2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. A shout-out to the backpack brigade headin’ back to school on the big yellow ‘loser cruiser!’ Amanda Shires and Cory Branan in town next week and new music from A Tribute to John D. Loudermilk, Banditos, Carlton Heston,  Cut Throat Finches, Freddy Cannon, Alice Cooper, Shilpa Ray, La Luz and Spiders. Many called, but our trivia question was a stumper.
Q: What Paul Revere and the Raiders hit was written by John D. Loudermilk?
A: “Indian Reservation”
1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-Rockabilly Man –John Lincoln Wright
3-Fine Fine Day –Banditos
4-Psycho –the Sonics
5-Psychotronic-Insect Surfers
6-Horace the Swingin’ School Bus Driver –Jan and Dean
7-Abigail Beecher (the History Teacher) –Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon
8-Waitin’ in School –Ricky Nelson
9-When it’s Over –Band 19
10-Callin’ You Home –Biters
11-Dixie Fried –George Thorogood
12-High School Confidential –Jerry Lee Lewis
13-Let Me Down Easy –Blackberry Smoke/Amanda Shires
14-You Got Through –Cory Branan
15-No Surfin’ in Dorchester Bay –the Gremies
16-Lonely Dozer-La Luz
17-Rock a Hula Baby –Elvis Presley
18-June July and August –Toni Dee
19-Midnight Bus-John Jorgensen
20-You Don’t Write –Cut Throat Finches
21-Indian Reservation –John McFee
22-Laugh Laugh –Beau Brummels
23-Boppin’ the Blues –Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon
24-Boppin’ the Blues –Carl Perkins
25-Little Honda –Beach Boys
26-The Best is Yet to Come –Jigsaw Seen
27-From the Heart –Spiders
28-Rockaway Blues –Shilpa Ray
29-Genuine American Girl –Alice Cooper
30-Reign Bough Ray –Carlton Heston
31-Stuttern’ Cindy –Carl Feathers
32-Mona Lisa –Carl Mann
33-Rockin with My Baby –Malcolm Yelvington
34-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx
 27-July-2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. Generous donations from Lilburn, Forest Park, Atlanta, Alpharetta and Reading, MA nailed our goal and brought the Summer Pledge Drive careening across the finish line! Thanks!! We also welcomed Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon and members of the Shirelles and Sha Na Na to town as well as the Banditos. And shout –outs to Farm Fest in Cartersville on Saturday July 28. New music from the Banditos, -La Luz Freddy Cannon and Shilpa Ray.
1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-Get to You –the Youngers
3-California Finally –La Luz
4-Sneak Attack –the Surge
5-Boppin the Blues –Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon
6-Fine Fine Day –the Banditos
7-Tunnel of Love –Dire Straits
8-I Found My Way –Warrantless Search
9-Can’t Get Away –the Banditos
10-Wrong Side of the River –Mott the Hoople
11-Favorite –Neko Case/Jon Rauhouse
12-Buzz Buzz a Diddle It –Freddy ‘Boom Boom ‘Cannon
13-Canadian Money –Sha Na Na
14-Baby Its You –the Shirelles
15-Stop the Music –the Shirelles
16-June July and August –Toni Dee
17-Shilpa Ray’s Got a Heart Full of Dirt –Shilpa Ray
18-Girls Talk –Dave Edmunds
19-Go Go Go –Roy Orbison
20-Hot Rod Boogie -Jack Kitchens and the Rock a Billies
21-Girls on the Beach –the Beach Boys
22-Spare Parts –Bruce Springsteen
23-Bongo Rock –Preston Epps
24-Summer Friend –Virginia Plane
25 –Still Sober After All These Beers –the Banditos
26-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

Stephen Kilbride

20-July 2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. What a trip to have rock legend Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon give us a phone chat! Freddy has a new single, “Boppin’ the Blues,” that was recorded in England and is tearin’ up the rockabilly circuit there. His new 45 “Svengoolie Stomp” on collectible orange vinyl ain’t too shabby either! Freddy will perform at the Cobb Energy Center on Friday July 27. We also welcomed Blue Oyster Cult and Virginia Plane to town-  and RIP drummers Nick Knox (the Cramps) and  DJ Fontana (Elvis Presley’s Blue Moon Boys) and Austin accordion maestro Ponty Bone (Joe Ely Band). Generous donations from Forest Park, Atlanta and Boston, MA (where Freddy Cannon is from ..) made us happy campers!
1-Blues Theme-Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-The Roadblock –Stan Ridgway
3-Whistle Blues-the Flatlanders
4-The Crusher-the Cramps
5-Rockin Bones –the Cramps
6-Can’t Get Away –the Banditos
7-Svengoolie Stomp –Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon
8-Boppin the Blues –Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon
9-Svengoolie Stomp (sing –a –long) –Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon
10-Okefenokee –Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon
11-Have Guitar Will Travel –Scotty Moore Trio
12-I Need Your Love Tonight –Elvis Presley
13-Big Hunk of Love –Elvis Presley
14-Hot Rails to Hell –Blue Oyster Cult
15-This Town –the Go Gos
16-Our Town –Marshall Crenshaw
17-The Sound of Our Town –the Del Fuegos
18-Tequila –the Champs
19-Brainlock –Joe Ely Band
20-White Light/White Heat –Lou Reed
21-Leaving it Up to You -John Cale
22-Astronomy –Blue Oyster Cult
23-Summer –Virginia Plane
24-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx
29-June-2018 “Americana Garage” Welcoming the Blasters and Pretenders to town! Our trivia question , alas, went unanswered.
Q: The Blasters performed the song “One Bad Stud” in what 1984 film?
A: “Streets of Fire”
1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-God on Your Side-Cut Throat Finches
3-Hard Headed Woman –Wanda Jackson
4-Twist n Grind-Los Straitjackets
5-Eager Beaver Baby –Johnny Burnette
6-White Trash Girl –Willy Deville
7-In the Mausoleum –Chuck Prophet
8-Natures Natural –Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears
9-I Love You So-the Blasters
10-The Georgia Slop-the Shadows
11-Drive-In –the Beach Boys
12-Cruisin the Drive-In –Eddie Cochran
13-Drive-In Saturday –David Bowie
14-On the Dance Floor-Dustin Douglas and the Electric Gentlemen
15-Dig Them Squeaky Shoes –Frank Starr and His Rock Away Boys
16-Hang Loose –Tommy Spurlin and the Southern Boys
17-Betty Lous Gettin Out Tonight –Bob Seger
18-One Bad Stud –the Blasters
19-Nobody Gives a Damn-Blackberry Smoke
20-Beer Drinkin Blues –Eddie Noack
21-June July and August –Toni Dee
22-Psychotic Reaction –the Count Five
23-Penetration –Iggy and the Stooges
24-Penetration-Tom Verlaine
25-Cowboy Peyton Place-Doug Sahm
26-Somethings Wrong with the Beaver –Kinky Friedman
27-Blue Shadow-the Blasters
28-A Real Cool Cat –Sonny Burns
29-Rockin with My Baby –Malcolm Yelvington
30-Rock n Roll Ruby –Warren Smith
31-Up the Neck –Pretenders
32-Tatoooed Love Boys-Pretenders
33-Space Invaders –Pretenders
34-Twistin in Outer Space –Los Straitjackets/Kaiser George
35-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx
1-June-2018 “Americana Garage: WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople and solo fame turns 79 on Sunday so we honored him in song. Suzie Quatro turns 68 same day! Atlanta acts Ray Dafrico, Catfight!, Kenny Howes and the Pinx all holding court tonight, and Govt. Mule headlining the Candler Park Fest on Saturday. Shay from Atlanta nailed our trivia challenge:
Q: What famous pop singer had a hit with a cover of this song (“Ships”) that was composed by Ian Hunter?
A: Barry Manilow
1-Blues Theme –Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-You Got Me –Big Boy Bloater
3-Chopped Slammed and Twangin –Crazy Joe and the Bad River Outlaws
4-Garden of Love –Lil’ Esther and the Tin Stars
5-Heartbreak Hotel –Link Wray
6-Don’t Break My Heart –Faye Reis
7-June July and August –Toni Dee
8-Flowers –Ian Hunter
9-Late Nights and Early Flights –Quatro, Scott and Powell
10-Shilpa Ray’s Got a Heart Full of Dirt –Shilpa Ray
11-Still Royal –the Amazing Crowns
12-Watts Local –Royal Crown Revue
13-Five Minutes of Rain –Kenny Howes
14-Child of the Moon –Ray Dafrico/Cait O Riordan
15-Mamie Van Doren –Catfight!
16-At the Crossroads –Mott the Hoople
17-The Rains Came –Sir Douglas Quintet
18-Ships –Ian Hunter
19-Southern Gentleman –the Pinx
20-Bitch –Govt Mule
21-Come Together –John Lennon
22-Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow –the Damned
23-Takin My Love –the Jam
24-Rock n Roll –Ian Moore
25-Sweet Jane –Mott the Hoople
26-Big Sky –Lou Reed
27-Lord Strike Me Dead –Blackberry Smoke
28-Sucker –Mott the Hoople
29-Zeno Beach –Radio Birdman
30-Home of Mine –Amber Foxx

18-May-2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. Howdy to town Willie Nelson and Matthew Sweet, and new music from John Paul Keith, Shilpa Ray, Ian Moore and Hot Tamale as well as a new archival live release from Neil young circa 1973. Michael from Canton nailed our trivia challenge:

Q: What make/model of guitar did Tom Verlaine use while recording Television’s “Marquee Moon” album?

A: Fender Jazzmaster

1-Blues Theme-Davie Allanand the Arrows

2-Barbara -Grant Hart

3-Anything But Lies -Little Phil and the Night Shadows

4-Lords of the Levee -Ian Moore

5-Dark Lonely Street -Eddie Cochran

6-King Creole -Elvis Presley

7-Throw it on Me Baby-John Paul Keith

8-Don’t Make Me Dream About You -Chris Isaak

9-Rockaway Blues -Shilpa Ray

10-Knowing Me Knowing You-Marshall Crenshaw

11-Mr Record Man -Willie Nelson

12-Hello Walls -Willie Nelson

13-One Day at a Time -Willie Nelson

14-Tonights the Night -Neil Young

15-Off the Farm -Mathew Sweet

16-Friction -Television

17-Fire Engine -Richard Lloyd

18-Park Bench Smile -Steve Gunn

19-Wildwood Psycho Crunch -Phatlynx

20-Ninety-Six Sheets -Buzz of Delight (w Matthew Sweet)

21-Haunted -Matthew Sweet

22-Good Friend -Matthew Sweet

23-Who Knows It -Vulture Whale

24-Howlin Wind-Joe Goldmark

25-Deliver Me-Milagro Saints

26-Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow -the Damned

27-Best Seat in the House -Blackberry Smoke

28-Red Betty -Hot Tamale

29-Home of Mine -Amber Foxx

11-May -2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. Some ‘Mom’ pop-ups for Mothers Day and new music from David Myles, Ian Moore, County Well,  Shilpa Ray, the Damned, Michelle Malone, Milagro Saints,Motel Mirrors, Dang Dang Dang,  Joe Goldmark, the Damned and the Shadows. Welcome to town Graham Parker, David Bromberg and Clay Harper. And a big benefit record/CD sale at 170 Pearl St Atlanta, 30316 (Cabbagetown) Sat May 12 from 9 am -3 pm!Tom from Atlanta nailed our trivia challenge:

Q: The B-52s played their very first gig at a house party in Athens, GA on what holiday?

A: Valentines Day 1977

1-Blues Theme-Davie Allan and the Arrows

2-Knockout -David Myles

3-Boxing Gloves -Michelle Malone

4-Boom Boom Mancini-Warren Zevon

5-Cast Iron Arm -Peanuts Wilson

6-Protection -Graham Parker and the Rumour

7-Mother #$%& Boogie-Mungo Jerry

8-Record Collectors Dream -Glen Campbell

9-Morning Terrors and Nights of Dread -Shilpa Ray

10-Howlin Wind -Joe Goldmark

11-Dead of Winter Blues -Motel Mirrors

12-Whiskey Before Noon -County Well

13-Matilda Mother -Pink Floyd

14-1000 Blackbirds -Ian Moore

15-Teenage Head-Flamin Groovies

16-Daily Liar -the Damned

17-Lava -the B-52s

18-Not as Easy -Dang Dang Dang

19-Talkin bout Doug -the Coolies

20-Ice Cold Soul -the Coolies

21-The Georgia Slop -the Shadows

22-Mother Mary -UFO

23-And it Shook Me-Graham Parker

24-Local Girls-Graham Parker and the Rumour

25-Danger Man -David Bromberg

26-Mother Mountain -Blackberry Smoke

27-Mothers Little Helper -Rolling Stones

28-Love =Fact -Milagro Saints

29-Home of Mine -Amber Foxx

20-April-2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. National Record Store Day 4/21! -a high holy day  here at the shop and we celebrated in style with song! Howdy to town to Hugh Masterson, Lindi Ortega, Wreckless Eric and Dex Romweber and new music from Lindi Ortega, Blackberry Smoke, David Myles, Milagro Saints, Joe Goldmark and Kurt Stifle and the Swing Shift. Adam from Stockbridge and Corput from Decatur both nailed our trivia challenge:
Q: This song (“Moving in Stereo” by the Cars) accompanied a sex scene in what popular 1970s film about teenagers?
A: “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”
1-Blues Theme-Davie Allen and the Arrows
2-Record Hop Dream -Lonnie Mae and Gene and His Satellites
3-Little Bitty Record-Bill Kirchen
4-If You Were a Rock n Roll Record-Freddy Cannon
5-Record Collectors Dream -Glen Campbell
6-Do You Know That Song? -Special Ed
7-Hi -Fi Phono -Ray Collins and Hot Club
8-Hi-Fi to Cry By -Bonnie Owens
9-Lost and Found-Hugh Masterson
10-Forever Blue-Lindi Ortega
11-Little Billy -the Who
12-So Sad About Us -Dex Romweber
13-Moon Tears-Nils Lofgren
14-Best Seat in the House -Blackberry Smoke
15-Pills -Dang Dang Dang
16-Moving in Stereo -the Cars
17-Beauticians Blues -Joe Goldmark
18-Hairdresser -ZZ Top
19-Rock n Roll Girls -John Fogerty
20-Drugs and Alcohol -Kurt Stifle and the Swing Shift
21-Night and Day -David Myles
22-The Final Record Offer -Robert Klein
23-It Happened at the Record Hop -Austin Sisters
24-Old Dans Records-Gordon Lightfoot
25-Man Walks In -Dex Romweber
26-Ask Me How I Live -Flat Duo Jets
27-My Life My Love -Flat Duo Jets
28-Darker Shade of Brown -Wreckless Eric
29-Let Me Know -Marie Flynt
30-Home of Mine -Amber Foxx
13-April-2018 “Americana GarageWRFG 89.3 FM Fridays 8-10 pm. Thanks to Memphis troubadour Logan Magness for calling in -he’ll be at the Red Light Cafe on Monday April 16. We played new music from Logan as well as Blackberry Smoke, David Myles and Michelle Malone and welcomed Dave Davies, Amanda Shires, the Old 97s and surf legend Dick Dale to town. Friday the 13th shout-outs too! Paul from Atlanta was victorious on the trivia front:
Q: What Rolling Stones song has the longest title?
A: “Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadow?”
1-Blues Theme-Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-Someday Someway -Marshall Crenshaw
3-Bad Luck -Marshall Crenshaw
4-Casino Queen-Sofia Wolff
5-Lucky Penny -JD MacPherson
6-O Lucky Man -Montrose
7-Don’t Leave Me Alone-Logan Magness
8-Let Me Down Easy -Blackberry Smoke/Amanda Shires
9-Real Love -David Myles
10-King of the Surf Guitar-Dick Dale and the Del Tones
11-Your Turn -Marc Ribot and Ceramic Dog
12-Park Bench Smile -Steve Gunn
13-Girlfriend -Modern Lovers
14-Modern World -Modern Lovers
15-Taxman -Cheap Trick
16-Who’s Foolin’ Who -Dave Davies
17-Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadow? -Rolling Stones
18-San Francisco Days -Chris Isaak
19-Someplace Else-Logan Magness
20-Another Leaving Song-Logan Magness
21-On Certain Days-Logan Magness
22-I’ve Been Loving You Too Long-Michelle Malone/Shawn Mullins
23-Jagged -Old 97s
24-Home of Mine -Amber Foxx
6-April -2018 “Americana Garage” New music from Milagro Saints, Jerry Douglas Band, Kurt Stifle and the Swing Shift, Logan Magness, Blackberry Smoke, Michele Malone and Dulcie Taylor. Howdy to town to Bill Frisell and Wishbone Ash. And RIP Steven Bochco, creator of TVs “Hill Street Blues” and “NYPD Blue.” Adam from Stockbridge apprehended our trivia prize.
Q: What band is performing this song (“TV Party”) that name-drops “Hill Street Blues?”
A: Black Flag
1-Blues Theme -Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-Drugs and Alcohol -Kurt Stifle and the Swing Shift
3-King of the Honky Tonks -Commande Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
4-Nobody Gives a Damn -Blackberry Smoke
5-Rumble -Bill Frisell
6-Deliver Me -Milagro Saints
7-Who Do You Love -the Band /Ronnie Hawkins
8-Down in the Alley -Ronnie Hawkins
9-Skid Row -Merle Haggard
10-Don’t Leave Me Alone -Logan Magness
11-Boxing Gloves -Michelle Malone
12-Jail Bait -Wishbone Ash
13-You’re So Square (Baby I Don’t Care) -Elvis Presley
14-Cast Iron Arm -Peanuts Wilson
15-My Darling Forever -Rosie
16-TV Party -Black Flag
17-Voodoo Idol -the Cramps
18-Run Through the Jungle -Gun Club
19-Bullwinkle Pt II -the Centurions
20-Torture Town -Unknown Hinson
21-Lonesome Town -Ricky Nelson
22-Town Without Pity -Ronnie Montrose
23-They Saved Hitlers Brain -Unatural Axe
24-Dolores-Eddie Noack
25-Curfew-Chuck and Gene
26-Do You Know That Song?-Special Ed
27-Both Ends Burning -Roxy Music
28-Hey Joe-Jerry Douglas Band
29-Halfway to Jesus-Dulcie Taylor
30 -Home of Mine -Amber Foxx

30-March-2018 “Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM 8-10pm.

Where were you when the bridge burned down? On March 31, 2017 the I-85 overpass collapsed and we commemorated the event in song. Shout-outs to all who made our Spring Pledge Drive a success and Larry from Cranston, RI won our drawing for the signed Graham Nash album! We also spun brand new music from Blackberry Smoke, Michelle Malone, Kurt Stifle and the Swing Shift, Dulcie Taylor, the Jerry Douglas Band and Caroline Rose. And Happy Birthday to Jim ‘Dandy’ Mangrum of Black Oak Arkansas! Moe from Avondale Estates nailed our topical trivia question:
Q: What 70s rocker entitled her third album “Easter?”
A: Patti Smith
1-Blues Theme-Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-Lazy Daisy-Kurt Stifle and the Swing Shift
3-Ten Little Women -Terry Noland
4-I Wish You Would -Dex Romweber Duo
5-Baby Doll Knows How to Rock -Suzy Q and Her Be Bop Boys
6-Hava Nagila -Dick Dale
7-Over and Over -Neil Young and Crazy Horse
8-Til the Wheels Fall Off -Blackberry Smoke
9-I Got a Feeling -the Beatles
10-Under a Bridge -Merle Haggard
11-Burn it Down -Los Lobos
12-Don’t Fall Down -13th Floor Elevators
13-All My Bridges are Burning -Los Lobos
14-If You Want to Get to Heaven -Kentucky Bridgeburners
15-Beasts Boogie -Michelle Malone
16-Give Me Back My Man -the B-52s
17-Begin the Begin -R.E.M
18-Hey Joe -Jerry Douglas Band
19-Chinese Rocks -the Ramones
20-Ancient Jules -Steve Gunn
21-Break it Up-Patti Smith
22-Bikini -Caroline Rose
23-Halfway to Jesus -Dulcie Taylor
24-Lord Strike Me Dead -Blackberry Smoke
24-Jim Dandy -Black Oak Arkansas
25-I Ain’t Poor-Black Oak Arkansas
26-You Only Look so Real -Kurt Stifle and the Swing Shift
27-Don’t Send Me No Flowers -the Breakers
28-Geraldine -Ole Miss Downbeats
29-Shady Lady -the Shades
30-Home of Mine -Amber Foxx

March 2, 2018

Our pal BB stopped by the shop to trade music sets with your Mechanic on Duty Steve K. Welcome to town Dixie Dregs and Railroad Earth! Alandra from Fairburn ‘phasered’our trivia question:
Q: Rocker Iggy Pop appeared in an episode of what Star Trek TV series?
A: Deep Space Nine
1-Blues Theme -Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-Restless -Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
3-Rocket Ship Ride -Straight 8s
4-Everyone Knows -Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
5-Just Gettin Started -Michelle Malone (new!)
6-I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock n Roll-Dave Edmunds -BB
7-You Aint Nothin But Fine -Rockpile-BB
8-Chutes and Ladders -Dave Edmunds -BB
9-Take it Off the Top -Dixie Dregs
10-Lordy Lordy -Railroad Earth
11-Midnight Train -Johnny Burnette
12-Macon Bacon -Dixie Dregs
13-California Sun -the Revells -BB
14-Crosstown Traffic -Jimi Hendrix -BB
15-Pipeline -the Revells-BB
16-Blue Suede Shubert -the Rutles -BB
17-Miserlou -the Revells -BB
18-Free and Freaky -Iggy and the Stooges
19-Shake Some Action -the Flamin Groovies
20-Ruins Cafe -Classic Ruins
21-There She Goes Again -Velvet Underground
22-Sling Shot -Jeff Beck -BB
23-Cruisin -Jef Beck -BB
24-Pink Thunderbird -Jeff Beck -BB
25-Barbarosa -the Sadies -BB
25-Refried Funky Chicken -Dixie Dregs
26-Rockabilly Rumble -Brad Vickers and His Vestapolitans -BB
27-Car Phone -Roger McGuinn-BB
28-Drive Like Lightnin, Crash Like Thunder -Brian Setzer-BB

Stephen Kilbride

February 23, 2018

“Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM. Gordon Lightfoot and Sunny Sweeney hitting town as well as shows by locals Al Shelton, Heather Luttrell, the Wheelknockers and Hot Rod Walt and the Psychodevilles. Lots of new tunes too! George from Dallas, GA was victorious on the trivia front.
Q: Who is singing this song (“Hiway Songs)?
A: Gordon Lightfoot
1-Blues Theme -Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-Blame the Vain -Dwight Yoakam
3-I Ain’t Done Nothin’ Wrong -Big Boy Bloater
4-Road Home to Hell -Heather Luttrell
5-Up on the Ridge-Joe Ely
6-Just Another Gun -the Wheelknockers (composed by Al Shelton)
7-Looking for Lewis and Clark -the Long Ryders
8-Dance With the One Who Brought You Here -Erica Blinn
9-Riot in Cell Block # 9-Johnny Winter
10-She Left She Split -the Psychodevilles
11-Wah Hey -the Turbines
12-Happy Hour -Sunny Sweeney
13-You’re All I’ve Got Tonight -the Cars
14-High on Rock n Roll -the Pocket FishRmen
15-Little Sally Tease -the Standells
16-The Devil in the Dance Hall -Harvey McLaughlin
17-Hiway Songs -Gordon Lightfoot
18-Train -Victor Wainwright and Train
19-Who Will Save My Soul -Tara Dente
20-Let Me Dream if I Want To -Mink Deville
21-Your Skin -Chuck Prophet
22-Yeah So What -Cory Branan
23-Away from the Numbers -the Jam
24-Batman Theme -the Jam
25-Money -Christine Rose
26-(Paul Simon Says) Make Music not Money-Above the Sun
27-Treehouse -the Pocket FishRmen
28-Real Love -Railroad Earth
29-Railroad Man -Wilson Banjo Co
30 -Paralyzed -Deer Creek Boys
31-Better Than Gold -Erica Blinn
32-Animals -Zombie Garden Club
33-Home of Mine -Amber Foxx

Stephen Kilbride

 February 16, 2018

“Americana Garage” WRFG 89.3 FM. Your Mechanic on Duty Steve K spun new tunes by Caroline Rose, Erica Blinn, Above the Sun, Zombie Garden Club, Harvey McLaughlin, DiNOLA, Chuck Prophet and Tara Dente. And Happy Chinese New Year -the Year of the Dog! David from Roswell nailed our trivia question:
Q: What is the title of this familiar classical piece (performed here by Dave Edmunds and Love Sculpture)?
A: “The Sabre Dance.”
1-Blues Theme -Davie Allan and the Arrows
2-Get Closer -Gringo Star
3-Guitar Blues -Eddie Cochran
4-Needles in the Camel’s Eye -the Wolfmen
5-Dead Flowers -Miss Xanna Don’t
6-Big Ten Inch Record-Aerosmith
7-Take it Off -Alex Chilton
8-Gypsy-Erica -Blinn
9-Spell on You -DiNOLA
10-Ancient Jules -Steve Gunn
11-In the Mausoleum -Chuck Prophet
12-96 Tears -Suicide
13-Pop Shivers-the Atlantics
14-Future Shock -Matthew Sweet
15-You Got Through -Cory Branan
16-Monster Party -Bill Dogget
17-Bigfootsville-Harvey McLaughlin
18-Soul # 5-Caroline Rose
19-The Sabre Dance -Dave Edmunds and Love Sculpture
20-Softail Deuce -Steve Hunter
21-Ride With Me -Steppenwolf (RIP organist/founder Goldy McJohn)
22-Born to Lose -Sonny Deckelman
23-The Times They are a Changin -Nervous Eaters
24-(Paul Simon Says) Make Music Not Money-Above the Sun
25-Animals -Zombie Garden Club
26-Do the Dog -the Pirates
27-Laugh at Me -Ian Hunter /Mick Ronson
28-Me in Honey -REM
29-Who Will Save My Soul -Tara Dente
30-Home of Mine -Amber Foxx

Stephen Kilbride