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We know how important our programs are to our listeners like you, so being able to make them available outside of the 89.3 FM broadcast is a priority. Just as all of our on-air broadcasters are volunteers, so too are those who work diligently to keep our 24/7 content available after they air. Because of this collaboration and service, archives can take anywhere between 24-48 hours to be uploaded and we thank you for your patience.

If there is a program that you heard and are unsure of the name, try taking a look at our Program Schedule first. Once you have found the name of the program that corresponds with the time you heard it, you can then visit our WRFG Archives to locate it.

Here are the different archives we have and how to navigate them —

WRFG Archives are where you can find any program that WRFG has uploaded after it has aired on 89.3 FM or off-air. Occasionally there will be some programs out of place, because the episodes are in order from when they were uploaded — not exactly from when they aired. We do try our best to keep them in as close an order as possible. The episodes are labeled by the Program Name and the date of its broadcast. We began our public archives in 2020.

Off-Air Community Archives can also be accessed as a playlist from our normal archive page. These archives are from community gatherings, demonstrations, press conferences, and other community events where the information is invaluable and a resource for political and social education. All too often are only sound bites taken from a powerful community address and we feel it’s important that those who speak truth to power should be heard in its entirety. This type of archive category began in January 2023.

Off-Air Programs are also a new archive category. There is so much talent within our WRFG Volunteer base and we also acknowledge that not everyone interacts with FM in the same frequency. This archive category allows for programs that otherwise don’t fit in our current FM program strips or time formats to be created and shared with our listeners. Our first contributor towards this archive is Dave Chamberlain of Sagebrush Boogie, who entitled his off-air program The Record Room.


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