August 2023 Update from our Finance Director

From the office of WRFG —

One of my goals when I became the Director of Finance was to inform our supporters, not only when our Fund Drives were, but what our goals were and how we faired. It’s important to take a temperature check and let those who invest their money into this mighty community resource know how we are doing — not just financially, but in our growth.

From June 19th to July 9th, WRFG held our Summer Fund Drive. During this period, we raised $14,500. This was down from our Summer 2022 total of $17,000. But— that doesn’t tell the whole story. Prior to the Summer Fund Drive, our station began to seek financial support and sponsorship within our community for our 50th Anniversary and a goal of $50K was set. Progressive organizations, local businesses, and individuals came together and contributed a total $46,000 in honor of our 50th. Please visit our Thank You To Our Sponsors post to learn about those who supported WRFG for our 50th.

While we did not meet our 50K goal for the Sponsorship, our combined total from the Summer Fund Drive brought us to $60,500. This is largest influx of non-governmental/foundational financial support we have received in a season in a long time.

As of this writing, WRFG has received $132,500 in contributions so far this year from 642 individual contributors and businesses. We are on track for a phenomenal year in contributions towards our stations operational costs. We know that the seeing WRFG reach 50 years plays a significant role in how we as a station and you as supporters have showed up to support this year. While running a radio station is costly — close to $20,000 a month — the support of WRFG listeners and supporting organizations has set us up to enter into the 4th quarter with a strong foundation.

From a station administrative perspective — it has allowed us to plan further ahead in our stations goals and relax from the constant feeling of survival mode. Don’t get me wrong —WRFG’s continued success depends upon sustaining collective financial support. But isn’t is refreshing to hear some successful news? We are in a very different place than we were almost 10 years ago, when we ran a capital raising campaign through Go Fund Me. Just like the communities we serve and provide access to, we are susceptible to the same economic whirlwinds that put strain upon our livelihoods and available resources.

This 50th year has presented an opportunity for organizational reflection. In reflecting on the roster of volunteers and supporters who have aided over the last 50 years — it’s a testament to the power of an independent community broadcasting media. It is communal and interpersonal relationships, it is education and spiritual connection, and it is everything we are willing to put into it at any given moment. How can all that be translated into financial success? Well, thats the trap of capitalism. But it is our fundamental duty to remain Mission based, reinvigorate the power of community radio a foot step into the 21st Century, while understanding this is now — more than ever — an intergenerational collaboration.

I’d now like to share with you the grants, governmental and non, that we have received thus far in 2023.

I would like to thank the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. Through their Metropolitan Arts Fund, focusing on black and brown communities, we have been able to prioritize our 2023 Broadcast Class for a younger generation of broadcasters. The sustained involvement of younger broadcasters in collaboration with station veterans and elders will be what allows WRFG to innovate, while maintaining its listenership and engagement.

This year we were also awarded the Contracts For Services from the Fulton County Arts and Culture from our submission for a special events grant. This allowed us to have a successful 50th Anniversary event at The Rialto while not compromising our listener contributions. Additionally, we will be continuing to roll out events in the second half of this year, so please stay tuned!

And lastly, I would like to acknowledge Press On — by way of their Southern Movement Media Fund, awarded WRFG a grant for our continued commitment and engagement of programming for and by marginalized communities left out of broadcast media.

As a listener and supporter of WRFG, there are many ways that you can still financially contribute. Our Fall Fund Drive, the last seasonal Fund Drive of the year, will begin on Monday, September 25th and continue until Sunday, October 15th. If you haven’t had an opportunity to include WRFG in your budget — there is no better time than now. Please visit our Donation Page to learn more.

In solidarity,

Christopher Hollis
WRFG Director of Finance