Black Jack’s Blues Train

Ridin’ the Blues Train

Ridin’ the Blues Train features the spectrum of blues music and the genre’s evolution from its African roots – from traditional acoustic Delta and Piedmont style blues to contemporary electric blues. The program spotlights Georgia musicians along with regional, national and international artists, including interviews with musicians and live studio performances. Play lists are crafted to engage the audience through the music’s introspective metaphorical content and the art form’s exploration of personal, social and political events. A unique attribute of the blues serves as the program’s subliminal foundation – the visceral impact the music delivers through its direct lineage to traditional gospel and spirituals.

Interviews with non-musicians – such as Georgia-based Pulitzer Prize nominated author, the late Ferrol Sams, Jr. and poet Kodac Harrison – delve into topics such as discrimination, social and political issues, and other thematic aspects of the blues. Atlanta resident Carlos Handy, grandson of W.C. Handy, was another resource who shared his personal experiences and perspectives about the man known worldwide as the Father of the Blues. Notable Handy compositions recorded by Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole and Bessie Smith were featured along with rare recordings of W.C. Handy discussing his perspective about the blues music he first notated and published.

The weekly program includes a blues calendar to inform listeners of area concerts, festivals and other blues related events.

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