Submissions For A New WRFG Logo

UPDATE. 7/21 deadline. Submissions have been closed.

Do you love WRFG? Are you an artist or graphic designer? If so, we invite you to submit designs for our new WRFG logo.

If you’d like to help us reimagine our iconic logo, you can submit your design to no later than July 21st.

For years, our logo has been our call letters, WRFG, and a CD adorned with the global geography that has come to reflect the vast cultural representation we amplify on our airwaves.

The physical media we use has changed over years, along with the way we interact with music and information — but we will always maintain our commitment to bringing progressive media and an eclectic variety of music to the Atlanta airwaves. And yet, we look forward to a new wardrobe.

We are a community radio station — through and through — enhanced through our volunteer base and it is through this community collaboration that WRFG has been able to continue to blossom since 1973.

This is an invitation to all graphic and design-based artists, supporters of WRFG from the newest to the veterans who have been with us since the beginning. Once again, designs must be submitted to by July 21st.

Submission Guidelines

– must include the call letters of “WRFG”
– may include “89.3 FM” and “Atlanta”
– must be able to be transferrable to black and white
– scalable to 12″ x 12″ at 200 dpi