Make-a-Will Opportunity

A Letter from our Board President and Labor Forum host, Dianne Mathiowetz, featured in our August 2022 Newsletter.

Dear WRFG Community,

August Is Make-A-Will Month or so I have been told by several organizational e-mails I have gotten!

I had my first will done in 1976 when I got hired at General Motors and learned that a life insurance policy was one of my benefits of the UAW contract. I wanted to make sure whatever assets I had would go to the people and organizations of my choice when I died. You can be sure that WRFG 89.3FM is
one of the community institutions listed in my will.

These donations are often called legacy contributions because they represent my ongoing support and they will continue advancing the mission of WRFG into the future– a most worthwhile legacy in my eyes.

While I hope to be around for some time to make fund drive pledges and pay airshifter dues myself, I heartily suggest that you take advantage of Make-A-Will month and if you can, make a provision for WRFG 89.3FM in your will. It’s a good feeling no matter what month you do it!