Meeting of the Inner Circle

Thursday, Midnight to 3:00 a.m.
The Meeting of the Inner Circle
Hosted by Adama Alaji

The Meeting of the Inner Circle is intended to be inspirational, informational, motivational and thought provoking. Adama Speaks to the issues of resurrection, the prerequisites for being qualified for continuance in existence and provides the keys to understanding the Laws that govern existence. Insightful, profound, and intensely expressive, Adama exalts the Intelligence of Existence as All there Is and provides the substance of knowledge, love, light, wisdom, and truth that renews the spirit, opens the heart, stimulates the mind, expands the consciousness and heals the body. She artistically blends powerful messages in the music, delivers profound fluidity of truth, love, wisdom, humor and power in her monologues that addresses the issues of the day giving leverage to rise above all circumstances and situations. Encouraging, supporting, life affirming, and truly gifted, Adama uses the air waves to create greater unity throughout the global communities exalting the Intelligence of Existence as the one eye that truly sees through all beings. She is the voice of the voiceless and speaks on behalf of all orders of existence. Adama reminds everyone that we are already in the heavens dwelling on Mother Earth and the ultimate transition is the one that carries us into the spiritual worlds. Although this program deals with wholistic health & wellness it also exalts practical spirituality and emphasizes the reality of Conscious Cosmic Citizenship as the true harmonizer and pre-requisite for being continued in existence beyond our earth residency. This program touches every aspect of our lives and is truly empowering, it belongs in the category of “Essential & Necessary”.