Rhythm and Resistance

Rhythm and Resistance airs every Friday 10am to noon on 89.3 FM. The program shares independent music from local, national, and international artists, of soul, funk, jazz, latin, African, indie rock, experimental and ambient. There is always an emphasis on community, as you may hear field recorded speeches from local activists and interviews with cultural workers, artists, and musicians.

The first Friday is hosted by Mirtha Josephina and the last Friday is hosted by Lo-Op Radio brothers in time, TJ Merritt and Jordan Manley. The Fridays during the middle of the month of hosted by Christopher Hollis and co-curated by community members, GeeXella and Stan Zeff. Recent 2022 co-curators have included local musician Taegen, Tambor Party founder and new WRFG Airshifter Stan Zeff, Scott Morris AKA Dj Dookieplatters, Assistant Director at the Rialto Center Laverne Perry, and Punk Black.

Chad Radford joins Rhythm and Resistance to discuss his new book, Atlanta Record Stores: An Oral History

Mirtha Josephina – first Friday of the month

GeeXella – guest curator on 2nd Fridays

Stan Zeff – guest curator 2nd to last Fridays

TJ Merritt and Jordan Manley – last Friday of the month

So, Mixcloud has this thing where they now limit the the amount of uploads on a free account, so you can visit the old Rhythm and Resistance Mixcloud for the past shows that actually got uploaded. But for shows after July 2022 — you can visit the current WRFG Archive Rhythm and Resistance Playlist, where programs get uploaded at least 24 hours after broadcast.

Christopher Hollis – program founder and curates middle of the month Fridays

Instagram: rhythmandresistance
email: rhythmandresistance@wrfg.org