Submitting Music and Content to WRFG

What to do and what not to do.

The model of Community Radio is unique in the landscape of broadcasting stations that are left of the FM dial, in that their unique programming is made possible by the curatorial control of each and every on-air broadcaster, or as we call them here at WRFG — Airshifters.

WRFG does not, at this time, have a Program Manager or Music Director to receive the intake of content submissions such as music, outside program proposals, or interview opportunities, and share them with each and every Airshifter. Since each and every Airshifter has 100% curatorial control over the content that they broadcasted, provided that they remain Mission based as it relates to WRFG’s values, it is their responsibility to manage submissions to their programs.

So, how does one get their music or other submissions on air? Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the diverse programming available at WRFG by visiting our Schedule. There you will find different programs, their descriptions and contacts to the Airshifters who produce the broadcasts. This is the way. Contact the program directly using the email provided in their page. However, because we do not require that programs play every submission they receive — we cannot guarantee placement. Our Airshifters are also volunteers and may not always be quick to respond, so we ask that you be patient.

What kind of files should be sent to the programs? Please send the highest quality MP3 or WAV files. You may send links to streaming platforms, however it is not best practice to just send those links alone.

Can I send physical copies of music to the station? Yes! Our Airshifters are as diverse as our programming, so communicate with that Airshifter in advance and to determine if they prefer a digital download or physical media. Before sending anything in the mail, label the package for WRFG and include the exact program it is intended for. Packages may be sent to our station address at 1083 Austin Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307.

Just as important as the right way to submit, is the reminder of what not to do.

DO NOT call or email the office. We have very limited staffing that are responsible for day-to-day functions of WRFG and it would be a full time job to respond to every submission request.

DO NOT offer or make a payment in exchange for air play. Payola is a serious offense as it is illegal. As a non-commercial radio station, WRFG accepts all submissions for free and our Airshifters make decisions on what to broadcast based upon their personal curations as well as content that follows the Mission of WRFG. If anyone is requesting goods or services in exchange for placement, they are not a representative of WRFG and you should cease communication immediately and alert us at

DO NOT submit music with obscene, indecent, or profane content. No cussing. If you have to ask whether or not a word or lyrical description should be in the radio edit of your song — its probably best to remove it. George Carlin may have coined the Seven Dirty Words, but the FCC minted it.

DO NOT reach out without learning a bit about the station you are submitting to. We recognize the challenges with being an independent artist. And Community Radio is one of the best places for independent artists as it offers free placement and support when mainstream and commercial media won’t. But not all stations are the same. It may feel like submitting blindly to a bunch of radio stations is bound to get you a few responses, but when you don’t know the call letters, the type of music and information the station has, or most importantly — their audience, then it can be unfruitful. Community Radio is about strengthening the relationships between members of our communities through education and access. By first learning a little bit about us, it might lead you towards a promising relationship with one of our Airshifters and help reach a new audience.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. Don’t let the process deter you from engaging with WRFG and never stop making that beautiful art that uplifts the world.