Soul Rhapsody
Tuesday 10:00 AM – Noon
Hosted by
Lamar (Your Musical Geologist)

One of my most cherished treasures is my music collection. I treat it like a geological dig where different types of precious and semi-precious stones are excavated. They are cleaned and polished for presentation to prospective buyers. In my case that presentation is to you the listener.

The format for Soul Rhapsody is R&B; from the fifties to the present. Treasures attempts to air music from the Sixties to the present. I will Play flip sides and album cuts that are not often heard on the radio.

I will also present special programs from time to time that will highlight an artist or a group, a sub genre, or an instrument.

This type of program along with offerings from the rest of the Soul Rhapsody Air Shifters is what sets WRFG apart from oldie programs on other stations.