WRFG’s 50th Anniversary Concert Photos

On July 15th, 1973 — Radio Free Georgia began its first broadcast. On Saturday, July 15, 2023 at the Rialto Center For The Arts, we celebrated 50 years to the date of independent community broadcasting with a theater full of WRFG family: listeners and supporters, Airshifters and volunteers, current and past. It was an evening akin to a family reunion and a gathering of vibrational connection.

Recounting the beautiful evening would result in a novella — equipped with a little epilogue. But, instead, we’d like to highlight some of our favorite moments in the photos that were shared.

Did you take photos?! We’d love to see them and share them! You can email us at office@wrfg.org with the subject: 50th Anniversary Photos

Jose Jiminez of Serenata Latina (Saturdays 7pm-10pm) DJ’ing during our pre-show lobby gathering

Akhenaten of Nightwatch Expressions (Tuesdays midnight to 3am) and Dazon Dixon Diallo of Sister’s Time/WomenSpeak (Thursdays 6pm to 7pm) pre-show in the Rialto lobby

John Askins of Route 66 (Sundays 7am to 9am) was front and center in the Rialto lobby. With a broadcast board set up and a computer to record, he performed short interviews with WRFG Airshifters who joined him on the lobby stage.

Lovell Hooks of Jazz Straight No Chaser (Saturdays 9am to 11am) being interviewed by John Askins

Barbara Joye, current member of the Atlanta chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America and a longtime WRFG supporter and one of its our early volunteers and contributors to programs such as Living Atlanta.

Lady Valentine of Sunday Night Fiyah (Sundays 10pm to midnight) being interviewed by John

Adrián of Beyond Borders (Saturdays 5pm to 7pm)

WRFG thanks Christine Saunders, the Rialto’s Events Coordinator, who was gracious and helpful during the event!

WRFG thanks Christopher Duenow, the Rialto’s Event Manager, for all his work to make the event possible.

Paul McLennan of the Labor Forum (Mondays 4pm to 5pm) and his wife Cindi

DJ Elevation of Ruff, Rugged, and Raw’s The Rinse Out (Tuesdays 3am to 6am)

DJ Gene of Doo Wop N’ Rhythm (Saturdays 7am to 9am)

WRFG supporters and Great Speckled Bird alum, Tom (center) and Stephanie Coffin (right) alongside local independent journalist Gloria Tatum (left). Gloria was join with other Cop City Vote Coalition members to collect signatures for the Referendum to put the Copy City Vote on Novembers ballot.

WRFG Supporter Lorraine Fontana joined in the celebrations and also collected signatures for the referendum.

Former WRFG Board Member, Guled, and JR of the Peach State Festival’s Happygrass (Wednesdays 8pm to 10pm)

WRFG Board Member, Hanifa McGaffie

James Ellison of the Jazz Forum program, Spectrum (Tuesdays 10pm to midnight)

Jules from the Peach State Festival’s Americana Pie (3rd and 5th Tuesdays 8pm to 10pm)

Larry Eaglin (center) of Good Morning Blue’s The Blues Therapy Show and Dance (Wednesdays 8am to 10am) friends and WRFG supporters

Lisimba of Rockers International (Saturdays 2pm to 5pm) with his wife Stefaniyamia

Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America support independent community radio!

Stan Zeff of the Global Drumbeat’s Sacred Vibrations (Wednesdays 2pm to 4pm)

Sobukwe Shukura, elder of Revolutionary Afrikan Perspectives R.A.P (Mondays 7pm to 8pm) with Eshe Shukura

Tenisio AKA DJ 5th Wurld of the Global Drumbeat’s United States of Rhythm (Tuesdays 2pm to 4pm)

Ahzjah the World Empress of the Global Drumbeat’s World Rhythm Nation (Mondays 2pm to 4pm) and Dazon Dixon Diallo of Sister’s Time/WomenSpeak (Thursdays 6pm to 7pm). Ahzjah and Dazon were the evening co-host.

Ahzjah on the Rialto stage

Dazon Dixon Diallo on the Rialto stage

WRFG Operations Director and host of Night Watch’s MAPPTIME Jazz (Mondays midnight to 3am) began the concert event with Acknowledgements to our ancestors — those who have contributed to WRFG and transition to the ancestral world.

Julie Dexter, our first performer of the evening, was supported with The Common Ground Collective

Ruby Velle, our second act, who along with The Soulphonics filled the house with soul and even premiered a new song for the evening.

Our final performance from the evening was Mausiki Scales and the Common Ground Collective

Mausiki Scales and the Common Ground Collective got everyone out of their seats and dancing in celebration of WRFG 50th Anniversary!

Jordan Manley of Rhythm and Resistance’s Lo-Op Radio (last Fridays 10am to noon) was also the drummer for the Common Ground Collective.

Mausiki Scales

The Common Ground Collective